Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FREE Samples!!!

Click on the above pic to get lots of great FREE samples!!


  1. Hollie, Does your Kroger accept internet printed coupons? Mine in Richardson does not and has told me no Kroger store does. Was I being given incorrect information? Rosie

  2. Hi, Rosie! My store sure does accept them and yours should as well. They can't deny them, call corporate. The number is on the back of your Kroger Plus card. They are promoting printable coupons on their website so it make no sense to then say NO KROGER ACCEPTS THEM! HA! I called corporate about this and another issue for a reader last week and they took care of it ASAP! Give them a call and report the store then they will call the store and inform them of the corporate policy. Let me know how it goes.

  3. Thank you, Hollie! That is great news. I will make that call. What a difference that is going to make. I love couponing. Rosie