Saturday, October 3, 2009

CVS 10/04 - 10/10/09

Never been CVSin' before click here because Stephanie at Couponing 101 has written a GREAT post all about the ins and outs of CVS and of course you can contact me if you have any other questions!

Confused?? Want to know what all these terms mean? Click here.

Here are the best deals for this week:

* Okay Deals *

~ Renuzit Crystal Elements, Glass Jar & 9 oz Crystals – BOGO @ $6.99
Use (2) <$1.00> here = $4.99/2 or $2.50 each

~ Blade Personal Care Products – BOGO (psa $4.49)
Use <$2.00>/2 Reinventing Beauty Insert = varies, as low as $1.25 each

* Great Deals *

~ Arm & Hammer 2x Liquid Laundry Detergent, 32 loads – BOGO
Use <$1.00>/2 here = varies

~ Nestle Products, select – see below
Earn $5.00 in ECB wyb $10.00, limit 1
~ Dreyer’s Ice Cream, 48 oz - $3.50
Use <$1.00> 08/23 RP
~ Dreyer’s Maxx Ice Cream, 16 oz - $2.50
** Be on the lookout for tear pads at CVS **
~ Stouffer’s, Hot Pocket or Lean Cuisine, 5.25-11.25 oz - $3.00
Use <$0.50> 09/13 RP
Use <$0.50>/3 Hot Pockets 08/23 RP
Use <$2.00>/3 Lean Cuisine All You - September ‘09, p. 47
Use <$1.00>/3 09/13 RP
Use <$1.00>/4 Lean Cuisine here
~ Coffee-mate, 15-16 oz - $2.99
Use <$1.00> here
Use <$0.55> here
~ Ozarka Water, 3 ltr - $1.00
Use B2GO FREE 09/27 RP
(That is if 3 ltr is more than a gallon??)
~ Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee, 7 oz - $7.00
Use <$1.00> All You – June ‘09, booklet insert
Use <$0.75> here
Use <$0.50> here
**Best Scenario**
Buy (2) Dreyer’s @ $3.50 = $7.00
Buy (1) Coffee-mate @ $2.99 (ask cashier to price modify to $3) = $9.99
Use (2) <$1.00> Dreyer’s = $7.99
Use <$1.00> Coffee-mate = $6.99
Earn $5 in ECB = $1.99 or 66¢ each
Buy (1) Taster’s Choice @ $7
Buy (3) Ozarka Waters @ $1 = $10
Use <$1.00> Taster’s Choice = $9
Use B2GO <$1.00> Ozarka = $8
Earn $5 in ECB = $3 or 75¢ each

~ St. Ives or Noxzema Skin Care, select – $3.99 (psa)
Earn $5.00 in ECB wyb $10.00 limit 1
Use <$1.00> St. Ives Body or Facial Product 09/20 SS
Use <$1.00> Noxzema Facial Product 09/20 SS

~ Dial or Tone Body Wash, 16-18 oz - $3.99
Earn $1.00 in ECB = $2.99, limit 1
Use <$1.00> Dial here = $1.99 &
Use <$1.00> Dial CVS $100 Coupon Book = 99¢
Use <$1.00> Tone here = $1.99

~ Arrid XX or Arm & Hammer Ultra Max Solid Deodorant, 2.7-2.8 oz - $1.99
Earn $1.00 in ECB = 99¢, limit 1

* Total Steals *

~ Mars Singles, 1.08–2.17 oz – BOGO @ 89¢, limit 4
Use FREE Home Mailer = 2/FREE

~ Kleenex, 75-200 ct – BOGO @ $2.39, limit 4
Use (2) <$1.00> CVS $100 Coupon Book = 39¢ or 20¢ each
(PS – You don’t have to get the flu shot at CVS to get the coupon book, you just have to ask for it)
**My Scenario**
Buy (4) Kleenex @ $2.39 = $4.78
Use (1) <$1.00>/3 Kroger My Magazine Home Mailer = $3.78
Use (4) <$1.00> CVS $100 Coupon Book = +$0.22
(I have been given several coupon books from friends and the Kroger Home Mailer wasn’t sent to everybody so this scenario won’t work for all. I just wanted to point out possible options.)

~ Pantene Expressions or Restoratives Shampoo or Conditioner, 8.5-13.5 oz, Balm or Mask, 3.5-7.6 oz - $4.99
~ Head & Shoulders, 14.2 oz - $4.99
Earn $2.00 in ECB = $2.99, limit 1
Use <$1.00> Pantene Expressions or Restoratives 09/13 RP = $1.99 or
Use <$1.00> Pantene Styler 09/27 PG = $1.99 or
Use <$1.00> Head & Shoulders CVS $100 Coupon Book = $1.99
(PS – You don’t have to get the flu shot at CVS to get the coupon book, you just have to ask for it)
** Here is a $20 MIR (exp. 10/25/09) form for Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller & Pantene Shampoo OR Conditioner (12.6 oz+).
Here is how you can turn this into a money-maker:
Buy (1) Eye Roller @ $21.99
Buy (1) Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner @ $4.99 = $26.98
Use <$5>/$25 here, here or here = $21.98
Use <$1.00> Pantene = $20.98
Earn $2 in ECB = $18.98
Submit $20 MIR = +$1.02
(I think that I will wait for a better sale on the roller since the form states that you can send in multiple receipts.)

~ Dial, Tone or Coast Bar Soap, 2-3 pk - $1.88
Earn $1.00 in ECB = $0.88, limit 1
Use <$1.00> Tone here = +$0.12 or
Use <$0.35> Dial 08/16 SS = 53¢

~ Colgate Total Advanced TP, 4 oz - $2.99
~ Colgate 360° Acti Flex TB - $2.99
Earn $2.00 in ECB = 99¢, limit 1
Use <$1.00> TP or TB 09/27 SS = FREE or
Use <$1.00> TP here = FREE or
Use <$1.00> TB here = FREE

~ Bayer Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System - $14.99
Earn $5.00 in ECB = $9.99, limit 2
Use <$14.99> 02/01 RP = +$5.00

~ Dove or Degree Products, select – see below
Earn $10.00 in ECB wyb $20.00, limit 1
~ Dove Shampoo or Conditioner, 12 oz - $4.49 (psa)
Use <$1.50> Conditioner 10/04 RP
Use <$1.00> 08/02 or 10/04 RP or here
Use <$1.00> CVS $100 Coupon Book
Use MBG here is not completely satisfied with Conditioner
~ Dove Styler, 7-9.25 oz - $4.49 (psa)
Use <$1.00> 08/02 RP
~ Dove Bar Soap, 6-pk - $7.00
Use <$1.25> 10/04 RP
Use <$1.00> 08/02 RP
~ Dove Body Wash, 19.4-24 oz - $7.00
Use <$2.00> 08/02 RP
Use <$1.50> 10/04 RP
Use <$1.25> 10/04 RP
Use <$1.00> 08/02 RP
~ Dove Body Lotion, 13.5 oz - $7.00
Use <$1.50> 10/04 RP, All You – October ‘09, p.35 or here
Use <$1.25> 10/04 RP
~ Dove Clinical Protection A-P/Deodorant, 1.7 oz - $6.00
Use <$1.00> CVS $100 Coupon Book
~ Degree Clinical Protection A-P/Deodorant, 1.7 oz - $6.00
Use <$2.00> 08/02 RP or here
Use <$1.25> 09/13 RP
Use <$1.00> 08/02 RP
Use <$1.00> CVS $100 Coupon Book
(PS – You don’t have to get the flu shot at CVS to get the coupon book, you just have to ask for it)
*Best Scenario*
Buy (5) Dove Conditioner @ $4.49 = $22.45
Use (5) <$1.50> = $14.95
Use (5) <$1.00> CVS $100 Coupon Book = $9.95
Earn $10 in ECB = +5¢
Buy (3) Degree Clinical Protection A-P/Deodorant @ $6 = $18
Buy (1) Dove Conditioner @ $4.49 = $22.49
Use (3) <$2.00> Degree = $16.49
Use (3) <$1.00> CVS $100 Coupon Book = $13.49
Use (1) <$1.50> = $11.99
Use (1) <$1.00> CVS $100 Coupon Book = $10.99
Earn $10 in ECB = 99¢ or 25¢/each
(if you only have 1 coupon book your cost would be $2.99 or 75¢/each)

~ Fruitopia or Viologie Shampoo or Conditioner, 12.6-13.5 oz – BOGO (psa $3.49)
Use (2) <$2.00> Reinventing Beauty Insert = varies, possibly 2/ FREE
(The coupon states 1 per customer but my CVS manager said it was ok to use more than 1)

~ Revlon Nail - $3.99
Earn $3.00 in ECB = 99¢, limit 6
Use <$1.00> 09/13 SS = FREE

~ Boost Nutritional Energy Drink, Regular 6-pk, 8 oz bottles - $6.99
Earn $10.00 in ECB wyb $20.00, limit 1
Use <$2.00> here or here
Use <$1.00> CVS $100 Coupon Book
*Best Scenario*
Buy (3) Boost @ $6.99 = $20.97
Use (3) <$2.00> = $14.97
Use (3) <$1.00> = $11.97
Earn $10 in ECB = $1.97 or 66¢ each

Turn these deals into money-makers or lower your OOP (out of pocket) cost with a <$5>/$25 coupon, available here, here or here.

That's all folks! Leave a comment and let me know how you did, I will try to post my shopping trip deals later.

I am proud to have my CVS post on BeCentsAble's Grocery Gathering!

FREE Sea Cuisine Entree

Beginning tonight at 12:01 AM on 10/04, Sea Cuisine will be giving away a coupon for a FREE Sea Cuisine Entree valued at up to a $7.99 here! Looks like this will be an awesome FREEBIE and since they didn't state how many coupons they will be giving out I will be staying up late for this one for sure.

Can't wait to try Sea Cuisine? Get a coupon for $1 off here & here.

You can find a store near you that carries Sea Cuisine here, I have seen them at Tom Thumb.

Thanks NWA Deals!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello? Anybody There???

Hello to you all! I have so missed you guys and being able to share all the good deals with you. Things are not right where I want them to be but I am lonely without my readers so....I'M BACK!! I wanted to have my site redesign done before I came back and have a few other things tricked out (LOL!) but my designers time frame just didn't allow that to happen as fast as I would have liked. Oh well, no biggie! The changes will be coming in the next few weeks so now you have something to look forward to.

I am going to be doing things a little different but I really think that you all will really like it better and if not you can always send me an email and beg me to change it back! Once the site re-do is done you will be able to access my schedule with direct links to the posts in the sidebar. I am really excited about the changes that are coming and I hope that you will enjoy them as well.

If any of you are wondering what I have been up to over the almost 2 months since I last blogged, here goes...
- I spent the most fabulous time with my kiddos and family. I soaked up every minute I had with my now Kindergartner and enjoyed the last few days of having both of my boys at home with me for lunch each day. I never thought that I would miss simple things like that but I do so much it hurts. Time. There has never been enough of it.
- I spent time thinking about past experiences that have changed the person that I want to be and how I am going to correct them. I am still working on changing the things that I see as flaws and trying to turn them into something positive or get rid of them all together. It's an on going process that I will hopefully be working towards each and everyday.
- I did some major coupon and stockpile organizing. I have ALL of my coupons cut and organized plus I have a place for everything and everything is in it's place. It is so nice. I am sure that some of you are always up to date with those things but I have a tiny, ok huge, case of OCD and not having those coupons cut was driving me batty.
- I had my car stolen and then found 2 days later 6 miles from my house with little damage but still 4+ weeks of work at the collision center. That was a horrible experience and I don't think that I could have cried any more tears than I did. I have full coverage that was not what was so upsetting it was just the feeling that I had in the pit of my stomach that someone could do that to another person. My husband and I have been dealt some REALLY bad hands the last 4 years and this was just one more blow. I am so thankful that it was found and some of my possessions were recovered but I am still mad over the loss of 2 of my favorite CD's, Britney & the Dixie Chicks. Don't be a hater! He he! This Christmas we had to work really hard to give our kids and our family presents and once that I was done there was no money left over for my hub and I. I became SUPER creative and made my hub some gifts but just assumed (happily) that there would be no present under the tree for me. I was fine with that, I really love to give gifts but it still is nice to get one. Much to my surprise my hub had stashed away a few bucks to get me the new Britney CD that I was secretly dying to have. That irks me that I no longer have THAT CD, not the CD it's self but THAT copy of it, it meant something more to me than just a CD - it was my only Christmas present that year. Don't get me wrong I am SO thankful to have my dear sweet Expedition back just something that really got under my skin.
- I went to Kroger's Super Double Coupon day and got $366.55 worth of groceries for ONLY $10.12!!!! WAHOO! On a side note this was the day my car was stolen. I figured that I could sit at home and cry over my car or go on about my day and not let them take that from me as well. Luckily I have THE BEST neighbors in the world who willingly took me and ALL my coupons to the store at 6 AM. (Hey nicest neighbors! I totally heart you!)
- I sent my baby off to Kindergarten and was selected as Home Room Mom! I couldn't be happier about this, it's what I "played" when I was a little girl playing school.
- A super cute stray dog found me then I found him a GREAT home with a dear friend of mine. I love happy endings!
- Last but so not least, my dear sweet Kinder-baby boy got Swine Flu. We are still battling that but he is doing great. I don't see anything to be alarmed about but it was still scary to hear those words out of my doctors mouth, "He's positive." As I sit here and type this post I am wearing a super sexy surgical mask. Your jealous, I know.

I think that sums it all up in a cute little nutshell.

Anywho, I am glad to be back and I hope you are happy to have me back. I can't wait to share the best deals and tips with you all. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me while I tried to regroup my life. I TRULY APPRECIATE YOU ALL. See you all tomorrow!