Saturday, November 28, 2009

Albertson's 8 Hour Coupon Sale

In case you missed the one-page Albertson's ad for the week, here are the highlights.

* Saturday, 12 PM - 8 PM *

~ Pepsi or Dr Pepper, 12 oz cans, 24 packs - $4.00 with in-ad coupon, limit 2
Use <$1.00> Pepsi peelies found on product = $3.00
Use <$1.00> Dr Pepper peelies found on product = $3.00
* I saw these peelies at my local Albies but even if your store doesn't have the peelies this is still a GREAT deal!  It's been a long time since I have seen DP's for $2/12-pk.  Also don't be a peelie thief - share the love, plus the DP peelies expire on the 30th and the Pepsi expire in December so they would probably go to waste anyway.

* Monday, 12 PM - 8 PM *

~ Good Day White Bread, 24 oz - 40¢ with in-ad coupon, limit 2

~ Russet Potatoes, 5-lb bag - 70¢ with in-ad coupon, limit 1

* Tuesday, 12 PM - 8 PM *

~ Blue Bell Ice Cream, half-gallon or cups - $3.00 with in-ad coupon, limit 1
Use <$1.00> (here) = $2.00

* All Week *

~ Energizer Batteries, AA or AAA 16 ct - $7.99
Use <$3.00> (in-ad Albertson's Coupon) = $4.99
Use <$1.00> (11/15 SS or here) = $3.99
* I am going to file the in-ad coupon in my Albies folder just in case a better deal pops up between now and the exp. date of 01/09/10)

FREEBIES at Kroger

While shopping at my local Kroger on Tuesday night I noticed 2 FREEBIES to share with you.

~ Sani Hands for Kids Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes, 15 ct travel pack - $1.00
Use <$1.00> (08/10/08 SS, 11/02/08 SS or 04/19/09 SS) = FREE!!
* I have found them at 2 different Kroger's on end caps near the baby aisles

~ Adolphus Rice Latin Selections - $1.00 (thru 11/30/09)
Use <$0.35> (here) = FREE or
Use <$0.75> (11/01 SS, exp 11/30) = 25¢

Now go enjoy a bowl of rice with super clean hands all for FREE!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Best of: Coupons - Printable - Multi-Coupons Sites, 11/27/09


* Keebler Wheatables Crackers - <$1.50>
* Tone Body Wash or Bar Soap - <$1.00>
* Nivea Body Wash for Women - <$2.00>
* Coast Body Wash - <$1.00>
* Kellogg's All Bran Crackers - <$1.50>
* Oscar Mayer Lunchables - <$1.00>

~ Red

* Stash Tea - <$0.50>
* Tennessee Pride Product - <$0.55>
* Promised Land Milk, quart or half gallon - <$1.00>
* Johnson & Johnson's Baby Product - <$1.00>
* Maybeline New York Foundation - <$2.00>

~ Smart

* Chloraseptic - <$1.00>
* Idahoan Product  - <$0.40>
* Colgate 360° ActiFlex Manual Toothbrush  - <$0.75>
* Imperial or Dixie Crystals Sugar, 3.4 lb+ - <$1.00>/2
Kix Cereal - <$0.75>
Alexia Crunchy Snacks - <$1.00>
* Sugar In The Raw - <$0.40>
* Sweet'N Low - <$0.35>
* Nabisco Cracker Products - <$1.00>/2

Coupon Preview, 11/29/09

This week we will only have 1 insert, Procter & Gamble (P&G). Here are a few of my favorites:

- Bounty Towels or Napkins, any size <$0.25> (exp. 12-31-09)
- Charmin Bathroom Tissue, any size <$0.25> (exp. 12-31-09)
- Pampers Diapers or Pants, any <$1.50> (exp. 12-31-09)
- Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive, Swaddlers, Cruisers or Extra Protection Diapers, any <$2.00> (exp.12-31-09)

Check the rest out at Sunday Coupon Preview. Also if you need a few extra coupons but don't want to buy an entire paper you can head on over to The Coupon Clippers to order your favorites.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 - Nintendo DSi Bundle $154.98!

I can't believe that Christmas is in just 1 month!!! In addition to all of normal Thanksgiving chores I have on my To-Do List I have also been compiling my Christmas shopping list. OF COURSE I want to get the best deal so OF COURSE I will be out and about on Black Friday. One of the items that I have been scouring the internet for is a Nintendo DS system, this is for my 6 year old so I really didn't care if it was the Lite or DSi. My thinking was why pay more for the DSi when by the time he has all the features figured out they would just come out with a new one so I was leaning towards the DS Lite, that is until right now.

The DS Lite will be on sale at Wal-Mart on Friday for $100 with no games, no nothing - just the system. I was prepared to head out to Wal-Mart in the wee hours of the morning to get mine until I was poking around tonight. They have the DSi with 5 games, yes 5, for $154.98 and it qualifies for FREE Shipping!!!! I selected the DSi in Metallic Blue which comes with the Mario Collection of games, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!, WarioWare: Snapped!, Dr. Mario Express, Mario Calculator, Mario Clock. You can also get the DSi in White with the Brain Age Collection of games, Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Brain Age Express: Sudoku, Brain Age Express: Math, Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics And Photo Clock.

I think that this is an AWESOME deal since it's only $55 more than the Lite and it's #1 - the better version, #2 - includes 5 games, #3 - no Black Friday crowd, #4 - no tax, so really it's only $45'ish more!

Hurry and grab yours (here) now before the sell out! Really go now, this is a HOT item and price.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don't Let These Coupons Expire!! 11/22

We are loosing over 70 coupons this week to the dreaded expiration date. Boo! Here is a list of my favorites. Use 'em or loose 'em, people!

Expiring Sunday, 11/22

~ Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra i-Motion Starter Kit or Compact i-Motion Starter Kit, any - <$6.00> - 10/11 SS
(Target or Wal-Mart, FREE after coupon!)

~ Lea & Perrins Thick Classic Worcestershire Sauce - <$2.00> - 09/27 RP
( Wal-Mart, around 50¢ after coupon)

~ Schick Disposable Razor, any - <$2.00> - 10/11 SS
(Wal-Mart, FREE after coupon!)

Expiring Monday, 11/23

~ I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Sticks, any - <$1.00> 08/09 - Parade Magazine
(I have read reports that this is around $2 at several stores and when you buy 2 you earn a $2 catalina, so 2 FREE after coupon and catalina)

Expiring Saturday, 11/28

~ Birds Eye C&W or Steamfresh, any bag - <$0.35> - 10/18 SS
(Use at a store that triples, get cheap or FREE veggies)

~ Birds Eye Steamfresh Meals, up to $8.99 - BOGO - 10/18 SS
(This is a GOOD coupon, if you eat these meals)

~ Fiber One Yogurt Multipack, any - <$1.00> - 10/04 GM
( Wal-Mart, around $1 after coupon)

~ Progresso High Fiber Soup, any - <$0.25> - 10/04 GM
(Use at a store that triples, get cheap soup)

~ Yoplait Delights Yogurt Multipack, any - <$1.00> - 10/04 GM
( Wal-Mart, around $1 after coupon)

~ Yoplait Go-Gurt, Kids Cup, Kids Yogurt Drink or Trix Multipack, any - <$0.35> - 10/04 GM
(Use at a store that triples, get cheap yogurt)

~ YoPlus or Light Yogurt 4-pk, any - <$1.00> - 10/04 GM
( Wal-Mart, around $1 after coupon)

Leave a comment and share if you find a good deal to match these coupons to.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Super-duper HOT!!! Berry Coupon

I have never seen a coupon for Driscoll's Berries (the best berries, in my opinion) so I would highly advise you to print these NOW.

Go here to register with Driscoll's
Print (2) coupons for 50 cents off any package of Driscoll's Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries or Strawberries. Coupon is valid until 04/30/10.

PS - My target price for strawberries is $2.00/lb so at a store that doubles I would only pay a $1 - Wahoo!

Black Friday Deals

Hi all! So sorry to have been MIA for so long. What a whirlwind of a time I have had but I will save that for another time. I hope to get a post or 2 up for now then I am off to celebrate my sweet baby boy's 6th birthday. I can't believe he is 6 - where did the time go. His official birthday blow out is tomorrow so tonight my husband and I are celebrating the day of our blessed son's birth as a little family. Happy, happy birthday my sweet Lawson!

Now on to the deal....

If you are like me then you LOVE Black Friday. I start getting giddy while I am cooking the turkey dreaming of the deals to be had. I like to have my game plan for the day all mapped out before the paper comes out on Wednesday and thank goodness for the internet, go check out all the deals here.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grocery Store Round-Up, 10/28/09

Click on the grocery store's name below for the latest deals.

~ Albertson's

~ Brookshire's via Couponing 101

~ Central Market

~ Fiesta

~ Kroger (Still working on it)

~ Kroger SE via Frugal Coupon Living

~ Publix via Frugal Coupon Living

~ Sack 'n Save/Minyard (Still working on it)

~ Sprouts via Craving The Savings

~ Tom Thumb (Still working on it)

I would love to add more stores to the Grocery Store Round-Up so if you are interested in doing a grocery store swap for a store that I don't already cover, please contact me

Fiesta 10/28 - 11/03/09

My Fiesta does not double/triple coupons and will not take Internet coupons. They do however have their own coupon book (at times) that you can get at the front of the store or at the customer service desk. They have no loyalty card so the deals you see below are good for all. Click here to locate your closest Fiesta.

I try to make as few grocery trips as possible so I take part in Wal-Mart's price matching policy when I can. The number one ad that I price match is Fiesta, they are out of my way and since they don't take IP's (Internet printables) and Wal-Mart does I can normally get better deals. Even though Fiesta doesn't take IP's I will list any match-ups that I find in case you want to price match at Wal-Mart like I do. Keep in mind Wal-Mart will not price match BOGO sales or store brand prices.

Here are the best deals that I see for this week:

* Produce Department *

~ Hass Avocados - 33¢/each

~ Texas Juice Oranges, 10-lb bag - $4.99/each
(that's less than 50¢/lb)

~ Bartlett Pears - 20¢/each

~ Lemons - 17¢/each

~ Russet Potatoes, 5-lb - $1.69/each
(that's 34¢/lb)

~ Baby Carrots - 99¢/each

~ Fresh Coconuts - 88¢/each

* Grocery Department

~ Old Orchard Apple Juice, 64 oz - $1.38
Use <$1.00>/2 (here) = $1.76/2 or 88¢/each

~ Tabasco Pepper Sauce, 2 oz - 59¢ with in-store coupon
Use <$0.50> (here) = 9¢
I am not sure if the in-store coupon is a store or MFGC, ONLY combine if it is a store coupon. You can always price match the 59¢ price at Wal-Mart and then you don't have to hassle with the in-store coupon.

* Health & Beauty *

~ Aveeno Shampoo/Conditioner, 5.2-10.5 oz - $2.88
Use <$1.50> (All You, June '09) = $1.38
Use <$1.00> (09/27 RP) = $1.88
Use <$1.50>/2 (09/27 RP) = $4.26/2 or $2.13/each

~ LA Looks Gel, Mousse & Hairspray, 20 oz - $1.48
Use <$1.00> (08/02 SS, expires 11/02) = 48¢

That's all I have on my shoppin' list for the week but if you are looking for more Fiesta deals head over to Mommy's Wish List and see what Lea Ann has cooked up for ya. Thanks, Lea Ann!