Wednesday, June 17, 2009

$8.02 Money-maker at CVS

** UPDATE - Looks like CVS Corporate was alerted to this deal so they have instructed the cashiers to either remove the products from the selling floor, warn customers or to tear up the ECB (gasp!) when they print. I would still give it a shot just in case your store missed the Memo, they can always refund you if they don't print or they tear them up. For more info see the comments below & if you find a store that is still giving out ECB leave a comment and share **

Hurry, hurry & get to your nearest CVS so that you can get in on this deal before it's over on the 20th or they run out of stock. Since it's an unadvertised deal you can't get a rain check on it. Here's the deal:

Buy (2) Lens Cleaning Tissues @ $0.99 each = $1.98
Earn $10.00 in ECB = +$8.02!!!!, limit 1

This has something to do with the Sunglasses deal but I don't see the correlation. When you are at the store check around the sunglasses, reading glasses & eye care department. I found them on the sunglass turn-abouts.

According to iheartcvs this deal works with the following Lens Cleaning Tissue UPC codes:
8 83019 00550 7
0 30048 47128 9
0 30048 47129 6
& with the
Car Cleaning Cloths @ $0.99
Style Science Glasses Cases @ $1.99
Style Science 'Style Equipment' Glasses Case @ $2.99 (UPC 8 83019 03027 1)
Sun Covers Eyewear Case @ $2.99 (UPC 8 30048 31212 4)
Eye Glasses Tether @ $4.99 (UPC 030048 300022) Thanks, Suzanne B!

If you find another item or UPC code that works let me know! Good luck!

PS - Fort Worth shoppers, the Trail Lake & McCart stores were sold out of the Lens Cleaning Tissues as of Wednesday evening.

Thanks to Crystal for bringing this deal to my immediate attention!!


  1. Thanks! :) Saw it on your blog first. I linked to your blog for the details from mine.

  2. I love this deal & had great luck in the Quad Cities picking them up! Another item that works is the eye glasses tether 030048 300022. It's priced at $4.99 so not a money maker but if you use these like my husband does, they're still a great deal : )

  3. Hi, Suzanne B! Thanks for the info & UPC - I will update the post.

  4. These items are being pulled from the shelves, or the cashiers are now tearing the ECBs from your receipt before they are handed to you. Seems there has been a call from corporate about this and the store is not suppose to honor this deal.

  5. The manager warned me that she would tear the ECBs from my receipt if I got them, so I didn't. :( I thought about maybe doing it then calling corporate and "telling" on her so they re-release them, but glad I didn't now. Thanks for the info (MrsStunner also).

  6. Hi, Mrs Stunner! Thanks for the info! I am so glad that I got mine last night. I will update the post.

    Hi, Anon! Well I guess the good thing is that she warned you before you bought them so you didn't have to mess with returning them.

    It was good while it lasted!

  7. they are stripped from the shelves here in southern california, anyone else here getting them?

  8. thats just crazy isnt it? im glad they didnt catch me with the aveeno 10$ ecb deal... i used the 10$/3 aveeno positively ageless IPs and got 18 of the 3.39 2.5oz daily moisturizer (which isnt positively ageless but it worked) and paid around 1.20+tax oop and got 30$ ECBs... Yeyeah! It says the limit is 1 but its actually 3.
    Im working on #4 with my bfs card! This is a gooood one!

  9. I am going to go check today. i am in southeast, ohio.

  10. i tried this at the basswood/beach location in ftw and it did not work. i was not warned by the cashier and no ecbs printed. they figured it out, darn!

  11. i went to the cvs on basswood and beach in ftw. I bought 4, 2 pairs in 2 transaction and it did not work. guess corp figured it out, darn.