Monday, June 15, 2009

CVS Aveeno Money-Maker UPDATE

I posted about a possible Aveeno deal (Spend $20 get $10 in ECB) at CVS here & I just wanted to update you guys that it does work!!!

Here is what I did:
Bought (6) Daily Moisturizing Lotion, 2.5 oz @ $3.39 each = $20.34
Used (6) <$2.00> MFGC = $8.34
(I used coupons from a pull out box @ CVS)
Earned $10 in ECB = +$1.66
** For more coupons go here **

Be prepared that they don't keep a lot of these in stock (I only found 2 at each store) so you might have to visit several stores.


  1. The "pull out box" coupons I found are only for Positively Ageless line of products, but the daily lotion that you posted here is not part of the Positively Ageless line.

  2. This looks like a great deal but can You please explain me what is a pull out box?

  3. Hi, Anon #1! I don't have any of the coupons in front of me so I don't know what they say. Here is what happened, I went to CVS to buy just 1 of the small tubes to test and see if it would work so that I could post it for my readers. When I went to check out the cashier pulled out a coupon from a basket and scanned it for me giving me $2 off. When I asked her where she got the coupon she pointed at the theft sensors. I was under the assumption that they were for the Ageless line as well but I never did even look at them, I just pulled the 5 more that I was going to need and tossed them in my CVS folder and was off to the next location. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    Hi, Anon #2! I found these coupons on the theft sensors that you have to walk through to go in and out of the store. They are not in tear pad or blinkie style but in a clear plastic box that you pull the coupons out of.

  4. Yes, I can confirm those coupons are for Positively Ageless products only; I have them right in front of me. Like you said, I also pulled them from the little clear plastic holder attached to the sensor by the front entrance, 6 times. It's got picture of the products so big that I don't think my cashiers will let it fly...

  5. Hi, Anon! Well if you can get to 3 computers you can still print the $2 coupon and make it work out for you. Looks like I goofed in using those coupons but at least the deal is still good! Thanks for the confirmation!