Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tom Thumb Trip 04/28/09, $104.84 for $2.04

Here is what I got this evening at Tom Thumb:

(04) Ozarka Water Bottles, 6-pk @ $1.99 each = $7.96
Used (2) <$1.00>/2 peelies = $5.96
(Since I got 4 peelies but only used 2, I left them on the waters for you to see - one is an orange & the other is an apple)

(40) Yoplait Yogurt Cups @ $0.50 each = $20.00
Used (3) <$0.25> Dairy Dept. Markdown stickers = $19.25
Used (5) <$1.00>/8 flier coupons = $14.25
(These coupons were on a full sheet of glossy paper on the customer service desk at TT)

(02) Bright Green Bleach @ $1.49 each = $2.98
Used (1) <$1.01> TT Super Coupon in LWFG ad book = $1.97
Used (2) <$1.00> pamphlet coupons that I found at TT = +$0.03

(18) Fresh Express Salad Bags @ $1.00 each = $18.00
Used (18) <$1.00> blinkie box coupons = 18/FREE
Used (2) <$0.75> TT Home Mailer coupons = +$1.50

(01) Tom Thumb Reusable Grocery Bag - $1.99
Used (01) <$2.00> Coupon found inside LWFG ad book = +$0.01

(01) O Organics Baby Peeled Carrots - $1.00

Sub-Total: $104.84
Reward Card Savings: <$52.91>
Total: $51.93
10% Best Customer Discount: <$3.79> (I have no idea how this was calculated)
Dairy Markdown Coupons: <$0.75>
TT Coupons: <$4.51>
MFGC: <$27.00>
Dbl/Tpl MFGC: <$0.00>
Tax: $0.16
Total: $16.04 (paid $14.00 with catalina's = OOP $2.04)
Catalina's Earned: $14.00 ($10 LW, $4 Ozarka)
Cost: $2.04

That's not too bad now is it?? Yea! I am so excited! All of these deals are still active except the salad bags & carrots which were not part of LWFG.

Before you ask what in the heavens I am going to do with all those salad bags, I am sharing them with my family. I am thinking that my fam is about to love me even more!

Since I didn't do a TT post this week (my bad) click here & here for coupon match-ups


  1. So, is the yoplait part of the Living Well promo? I thought they were, but I haven't risked it, because they were marked down and not labeled for the promo.

    Also, none of our ozarka waters have peelies on them. bummer.

  2. Hi, April! Yes it is a part of the promo. I understand not wanting to risk it, I have trusted what I have seen around the blog-o-sphere and so far no one has steered me wrong but it always makes me nervous. That stinks about your waters!!! I have had such fun getting those for FREE!! I don't know where you live but here in FW, they are on the waters at each store not just TT. Also there is a printable @ ozarka.com but it is for the Aquapods, if you want to try it on the $1.99 waters you could test it out or just buy the Aquapods since they are part of both promos. For each set of 2 that you buy you get a $2 cat plus each transaction that has the waters in it a <$1>/2 prints out. If you are doing several LWFG promos this would be one way to get some coupons. HTH!