Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mom's Eat FREE at Carino's

Ohhhh I know where I want to eat next week - Carino's!! Why you ask?? Because Mom's Eat FREE the week of May 4th - 8th when an entree of regular price is purchased!

If you have never eaten at Carino's then let me tell you they serve up large portions, unlimited soup or salad (for an additional 99¢) & bread so we can feed our family of 4 with 2 adult entrees & $1.98 for salads. I always bring my own drinks for my kids since we only do organic milk so no extra cost there and I have never had a restaurant give me lip over it! The DH & I prefer water, well ok I prefer wine but I will get water, so no extra cost there either. Dessert, um no - no real reason just don't do it. So taking all that into consideration we can eat at Carino's next week for the cost of only (1) adult entree & (1) 99¢ soup/salad!!! Wahoo! I don't have to cook! Remember that when you take part in an offer like this you still need to base your tip on the amount before the coupon, it's hard out there but let's not stiff the service industry.

Now for the details, limit 1 FREE Mom's Meal per table, FREE Mom's Meal includes Unlimited Soup/Salad, Choice of Chef-Select Entrees, Mini Dessert & Soft Drink/Tea.

Also Monday Nights are Family Night at Carino's - You can get any Family Platter for the Single Portion Price! Unlimited House Salad/Caesar Salad/Soup is still an additional 99¢ per person. This offer is Dine-in only but I have heard of locations willing to make this offer available To-Go, just ask your local restaurant.

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  1. I love Carino's! We are so going to eat there next week. I may not be able to resist the wine though. They have the best organic wine!

  2. I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. I am a Fort Worth native but live in College Station now. I've got ya bookmarked and will add your link to my blog. Thanks for sharing your freebies and other finds!