Saturday, April 18, 2009

Target Trip 04/18/09, $37.01 for +$4.99

Here is what I got at Target tonight:

8) Johnson & Johnson Safety Swabs @ $1.29 each = $10.32
Used (8) <$0.75> Target IP here = $4.32 &
Used (8) <$1.00> 03/08 RP = +$3.68

(1) B&L Soothe XP Eye Drops, Travel Size = $0.99
Used <$3.00> 01/18 or 02/08 SS = +$2.01

(2) Glade Collection Candles @ $5.79 each = $11.58
Used (2) <$4.00> here = $3.58
Earned (1) $5.00 Target Gift Card = +$1.42

(5) Secret Deodorant @ $2.19 each = $10.95
Used (5) <$2.00> 02/22 RP = $0.95

(2) Market Pantry Fruit Snacks @ $0.89 each = $1.78
Used (2) <$1.00> Target IP here = +$0.22

(1) 20 oz Coke (not pictured) = $1.39

Sub-Total: $37.01
Target Coupons: <$8.00>
MFGC: <$29.00>
Total: $0.01 (paid with Target GC, OOP - $0)
Earned $5.00 Gift Card = +$4.99

Happy Couponing!


  1. I was just wondering, the Johnson's Q-Tips , do you get those with the coupon that says Johnson's baby toiletry for 75 cents off, and the one for $1 off that Johnson's Care Product? I couldn't find anything that mentioned Q-Tips in particular.

  2. Hi, Silvia! Yup those are the ones. I gave the 75¢ Target IP first and it didn't beep at all, the $1 MFGC did beep but that was b/c it was going to give me overage which it up to the cashier to give to you or not. Target's Corporate policy is to take the coupon but to adjust it down to the remaining balance, just try and look for a friendly cashier to get the overage. Target will get the full reimbursement from the MFGC so you should too in my opinion!

  3. I had such a horrible experience this morning at my Mansfield Target! They would not allow me to use my MP Fruit Snacks coupon or the B&L coupons! They also argued with me about the Johnson's & Johnson's coupons, stating that the safety swabs were NOT a baby item! I tried to calmly explain to them that their corporate policy states to adjust the coupon down, but they didn't want to listen.
    Usually, I get such great service there. It is too bad. Which Target do you shop at? Perhaps it would be worth it for me to make a weekly trip over your way. :)

    To even things out, I had a great trip to Tom Thumb! You win some and you lose some, right?

  4. Hi, April! Sorry you had such a hard time, call corporate and have them call the store to tell the manager the policy on coupons. That is what I did this AM with CVS and it worked, I got my $24 back! I shop at the Target in Montgomery Plaza & the one off Overton Ridge, behind Babies R Us. Both are in Fort Worth and would be a pretty good drive for you but if you feel it would be worth it come on and shop with me! It is hit or miss at Target, try and "cherry pick" your cashier next time. I have had them deny the B&L before but mostly they accept them.
    Glad that TT was good for you, that always helps brighten my day!