Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How I Keep It All Organized - Part 3

I have been asked by you my readers, by fellow shoppers, family, friends, & neighbors, "How do you organize all your coupons?" So here is the answer:

When I get my Sunday papers I separate the inserts & then group each like page. For example: When I flip through my 8 copies of RP, I flip each like page 8 times. Sometimes I staple the like pages so that I only turn the page once but now that I only have 1 week (04/05!!) of un-clipped coupons I really don't do this anymore since I find it more time consuming than flipping the extra pages. I write the date on the top of each insert in black sharpie then file it in pocket folders with brads, that I got FREE at Staples (August '08). Next I make up a label for the folder (see left) & place it at the top of the folder. My inserts stay in these folders until I have time to clip them.

Pictured here is after I have clipped the coupons & then filed them alphabetically in baseball card holders, I get these 3/$11 at Office Max. I use the front & back of the holders to save space & money! My MIL gave me a $10/$10 Office Max coupon that she FOUND, so that got me started with the holders, since then I have only gotten another 3 & haven't even opened 1 package. Clipping takes a lot of time but I clip while I watch TV & then I don't feel so guilty for just sitting in front of the boob-tube - "Hey! I am doing somethin', I am not just watching American Idol!!" I also don't clip as soon as I get the inserts I wait a week or 2 & that thins the inserts out as I use the coupons. I also cut 2 pages at a time, I am OCD so if I miss the line just a little it drives me nuts, if you are not a whack-o like me then be wild, cut more at time. At the beginning of each month I clean out my holders & if I took a lot of coupons out of 1 folder then I will move them around to free up a holder. When the folders start getting thin I will consolidate them as well.

Here is my Coupon Briefcase that I call Big Daddy, again you guessed it I got it at Office Max for around $17. I love it! It is very strong & should last at least a couple of years. The snap closure is REALLY strong so it's not a cheap little snap or Velcro. It is surprisingly not too heavy, I carry Big Daddy, Pinkie, my purse, a sippy cup, Grady Quinn & hold Lawson's hand with no more trouble than any other Mom you see at the grocery store! A lot of people prefer the big binder which is a way cheaper route but I had trouble with the coupons falling out the tops of the holders so this is what works for me, it might not be the route that you are looking for.

Here is a side & open view of Big Daddy.
In the top pic you can see that I labeled the folder once on the top and once on the side, I do the side label instead of making tabs for Big Daddy & the top label is just for me. In these pics I have all current inserts plus current All You coupons & miscellaneous (peelies, tear pads, etc) coupons filed in here.

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How do you like to keep your coupons organized? I would love to hear your tips.

Happy Couponing!

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  1. Hollie, thanks so much for your posts on how to keep it all organized. I have been couponing for 3 months and I am just now developing my own system. I can't wait to go to Office Max this weekend and get some stuff. Also, I love that you named your folders:)