Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How I Keep It All Organized - Part 1


I shop at several stores (ok so I shop at 8 - no judgement) and when you have CVS ECB, Walgreen's RR, Albertson's Monopoly Coupons, Kroger's Home Mailer's, Target IP, just to name a few, here and there - your house/car can get cluttered in a hurry with papers and coupons. I was drowning, I was having such trouble keeping all my store "coupon stuff" organized that is until my wonderful Mom gave me a gift card to Office Max for my (early) birthday. I got several different items to help keep me and my coupons organized, here is Part 1 on the Office Max Pocket Cabinet File:

There is a handle at the top & the pockets are a durable thick vinyl. The back pocket is letter size & has an expandable 1-in bottom, the back is a sturdy black plastic that I use as a hard place to write on as I shop & I have even used it to stick peelies on until I get to the register. The front 2 pockets have snaps to hold everything in place. I labeled each file with the stores name that it belongs to, as you can see in the pic.

I keep ads, lists, home mailers & such in the large back pocket. In the left snap-pocket I keep receipts, coupons for that week & anything else that I need to take care of at that store. In the right snap-pocket I keep my catalina's & as I shop I take the coupons from the left pocket & switch them to the right pocket for more ease at the register.

As you can see in this pic it is small, skinny & light plus it's only $2.99! You would think that Office Max is paying me to say all this but unfortunately for me they are not I just really, really think that these folders make couponing easier. Also when you are the one that is at the register scrambling to gather your coupons you sure don't make any friends with the people in line behind you!

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PS - Thanks, Mom! I love ya!

Happy Couponing!

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