Monday, April 13, 2009

It's my b-day but the gift is for you!

I am turning the "Dirty 30" on Friday (but with lots of protest) and I wanted to do something to keep my mind off my looming b-day so I thought - A GIVE-AWAY!!! I love to give stuff away so why not to my wonderful readers?? Look's like a win-win to me!!!

Here is what to do:

Tuesday, the 14th - I am going to hide a clue in one of my post from that day, it might be the first or it might be the last post of the day. It's hidden so go hunting, once you find the clue write it down and save it.

Wednesday, the 15th - I am going to hide another clue in my post from that day and I will delete the clue from Tuesday. Again go hunting and write down the clue - now you have both clues.

PS - here is what you are looking for: CLUE: ???????

Thursday, the 16th - I am going to open up the entry form, where you will enter your name, e-mail address where I can contact you if you win! & both clues. That get's you 1 entry if you have 1 clue and 2 entries if you have both. If you are a follower let me know in the space provided, another entry. If you subscribe to my feed let me know in the space provided and that will get you another entry. If you blog about my give-away to your readers and provide a link back to me then share your link with me in the space provided - that get's you another 2 entries. So if you do all 5 things that will get you 6 entries, the more entries the better your chance at winning a.......

$30.00 CVS GIFT CARD!!!!

Here is a link back to my giveaway that you can use to attach to your blog post.

I will post a reminder that will get emailed to my subscribers and my followers will be reminded instantly, so make sure you sign up so you don't forget to enter and it will get you more entries!

Friday, the 17th (my b-day) I will announce the winner using

See you all tomorrow!

Happy Couponing!

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