Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coupon Talk

If you are wondering, "So what does '<$1.00> 02/08 P&G' mean?", below you will find your answers.

* <$1.00> means a coupon for $1.00 off

* 02/08 means February 8th, each packet or booklet (inserts) of coupons that you get in the Sunday paper is printed on the spine with the date of the newspaper it was included in

* P&G means Proctor & Gamble, written on the top of each insert of coupons is either Proctor & Gamble (P&G), Smart Source (SS), General Mills (GM), Kellogg's (K) or Red Plum/Vlassis (RP)

Here are some more abbreviations, lingo & terms that you will see:

* exp means expiration date, this is when the coupon expires and is no longer valid

* Stacking coupons means when you use a store coupon along with a Manufacturers coupon

* Peelie means a coupon that you find stuck to a product and you have to peel it off in order to use it

* Blinkie means those little machines clipped to the shelf's in stores and when you pull a coupon out it spits out another, most of the time there is a little blinking red light on top

* Mailer means coupons that you received in the mail

* MFGC means Manufacturers General Coupon

* IP means Internet Printable coupon

* Q means coupon

* Catalina means those receipt like paper coupons that print out from a seperate machine at the register

* MIR means Mail in Rebate

* psa means Prices Starting At

* wyb means When You Buy

* GC means Gift Card

* OOP means Out of Pocket or the actual amount of cash you pay/paid for an item

* BOGO means Buy One Get One FREE, also you will see B2G3 and such which means Buy 2 Get 3 FREE but sometimes if it says BOGO 50% off then it means Buy One Get One 50% off and so on

* 2/$5.00 means 2 items for $5.00, of course there are numerous other combination's

* $1.00/2 means a coupon that is $1.00 off of 2 items, so you have to buy 2 items to use this coupon, of course there are numerous other combination's for this as well

* WAGS means Walgreen's

* ESR means Walgreen's Easy Saver Rebate booklet

* RR means Register Rewards at Walgreen's, which are printed from the Catalina machine and are coupons that can be spent just like cash on anything at Walgreens except prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, gift cards or lottery tickets

* CVS'ing means going coupon shopping at CVS

* ECB means Extra Care Bucks at CVS, which are coupons printed at the bottom of your receipt and can be spent just like cash on anything at CVS except prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, gift cards or lottery tickets

* CRT means Cash Register Ticket at CVS, these print off after your ECB and are either coupons for an item that can be stacked with a MFGC or are coupons for a dollar amount off of a particular amount spent, like <$4>/$20, <$5>/$25, <$10>/$50, etc.

* Rx means prescriptions

Hope I answered all your questions on coupon lingo or did I leave something off, leave me a comment and I will be more than happy to explain or update.

Happy Couponing!


  1. Went ot Wal-Mart here in this po-dunk little town and they told me I couldn't do the CVS ECB's or the Walgreens register rewards. They did let me price match but not the other things. They said that all Wal-Marts are different and I don't think that's true. Who do I need to speak with or what do I need to do?
    Thanks Andrea

  2. Hi, Andrea! They are somewhat right, it's up to each store manager of what they will and will not accept on price matching but according to WM corporate they have guidelines that they must stay under and it is just how your manager wants to interpret them. I talked with my store manager and explained the ECB & RR programs to him and then he agreed that it would be ok to PM them. I did have to call and talk to him over the phone since the store manager mainly works in the offices. I would try that and if the manager still says no then try another store. Sorry it didn't work out for you.