Friday, July 10, 2009

FREE Supplies from Staples

Looking for cheap office/school supplies?? Then you are in luck because right around this time of year Office Depot, Office Max, Staples & Wal-Mart almost gives them away. Last year I didn't have a child in need of some of the supplies that I got for FREE or under a nickle so I donated them to to an area school for children who's parents couldn't afford the supplies. If you have the time to do this they will appreciate it so much. This is also when I stock up on my 3-ring notebooks that I have told you about here.

This upcoming week (07/12) you can get pens for FREE, pencils & copy paper for 1¢, & white-out for 25¢ at Staples! Leah at Metroplex Savers has worked up all the details for you here! There is also a $5/$20 coupon in the ad that can be used in conjunction with these deals to score some cheap baseball card holders & I know how us couponers love us some baseball card holders on the cheap! Check the ad out here.

My little one is starting school this year so I have been on the look-out for deals on office/school supplies, stay tuned!

Thanks, Leah!

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  1. So far the Staples wouldn't take my BIC coupons for the pens...They must think we are stealing from them :)