Friday, April 24, 2009

Target Trip 04/24/09, $54.75 for +$1.58

Here is what I got this morning at Target:

(2) Teddy Grahams @ $2.00 each = $4.00
Used (2) <$1.00> Target IP here = $2.00/2 &
Used <$1.00>/2 03/01 SS = $1.00/2 or $.50 each

(2) Kraft Salad Dressings @ $1.59 each = $3.18
Used (2) <$1.50> 03/29 SS = $0.18/2 or $0.09 each

(2) V-8 Fruit Fusion @ $2.99 each = $5.98
Used (2) <$2.00> here = $1.98/2 or $0.99 each
(Some areas got a $1 coupon in their 04/19 SS but I didn't here in Fort Worth)

(3) B&L Soothe XP Eye Drops, Travel Size @ $0.99 each = $2.97
Used (3) <$2.00> found inside boxes = +$3.03
(There are $3 coupons in 01/18 or 02/08 SS as well plus $1 coupon here)

(2) Starbucks Truffles @ $0.90 each = $1.80, found on clearance in the check-out lanes
Used (2) <$1.00> blinkie = +$0.20
(Some areas got a $1 coupon in their 04/19 SS but I didn't here in Fort Worth)

(1) Mother's Day Card = $1.00 in the Dollar Center

(4) Soft & Dri Roll-Ons @ $2.00 each = $8.00
Used (4) <$2.00> here = 4/FREE!!

(2) Wheat Thins Artisan @ $2.33 each = $4.66
Used (2) <$1.00> Target IP here = $2.66 &
Used BOGO 03/15 SS = $0.33/2 or $0.17 each

(4) Glade Collection Candles @ $5.79 each = $23.16
Used (4) <$4.00> here = $7.16
Earned (2) $5.00 Target Gift Card = +$2.84

Sub-Total: $54.75
Target Coupons: <$4.00>
MFGC: <$42.33>
Total: $8.42 (paid with Target GC, OOP - $0)
Earned (2) $5.00 Gift Cards = +$1.58

Also I forgot another set of Glade coupons at the house so I have to go back tonight and get 2 more so I brought home a hang-tag coupon that I found so that I could take a pic for you guys before I use it tonight, see below
This $1 off Target Coupon is for Scrubbing Bubbles brand Nature's Source cleaner. It was wrapped around the top of the bottle and it looked just like a label until I turned it around and noticed the coupon! I have been seeing a lot of Target Coupons on products in the cleaning/laundry aisle, so make sure to poke around. The cleaner is on sale for $2.99 less the $1 Target Coupon = $1.99 & less $1 from 03/01 or 04/05 SS = $0.99! I normally don't pay for cleaning products but since this is a "green" product I will throw a buck on it!

If you want to take part in these deals hurry over to Target because some expire on Saturday while others will be valid longer. Don't forget to stop in at the gift registry computer to print out a few copies of the Target coupons with FREE Target ink on FREE Target paper.

Here are a few more deals that are still valid plus below is a list of other deals that I noticed but didn't do:

~ Tropicana OJ, 59-64 oz - $2.75
Use <$1.00> 03/15 RP = $1.75

~ Red Seedless Grapes - $0.99/lb

~ Dole Baby Spinach, 6 oz or Spring Mix, 5 oz - $1.99
Use <$1.00> Target IP here = $0.99

~ Airhead Extremes - $0.58
Use <$0.55> 03/22 SS = $0.03
(My kids don't need anymore candy so I left my coupons at Overton Target since they exp on 05/03, they will make someones day)

~ Oreo Single Pack Cups - $1.00
Use <$1.00>/2 Target IP here = $1.00/2 or $0.50 each

~ Oreo Cookies - $2.75
Use <$1.00>/2 Target IP here = $4.50/2 or $2.25 each

~ Chips Ahoy! Cookies - $2.33
Use <$1.00>/2 Target IP here = $3.66/2 or $1.83 each

~ 100 Calorie Oreo Snacks, 5-pk - $1.93
Use <$1.00> Target IP here = $0.93

~ Kraft Easy Mac Meals - $0.77, small cups
Use <$1.00>/2 Target IP here = $0.54/2 or $0.27 each
I have seen an IP but I can't find it now????

~ Oreo Fun Stix Original or Golden - $2.99
Use <$1.00> Target IP here = $1.99 &
Use <$1.00> 04/05 SS = $0.99

~ Oreo Mini Cakesters - $2.79
Use (2) <$1.00> Target IP here = $3.58/2 &
Use <$1.00>/2 here = $2.58/2 or $1.29 each

~ Ortega Taco Seasoning - $0.67
Use <$1.00>/2 May, All You = $0.34/2 or $0.17 each

~ Pedigree Dentastix Minis (Dog Treat) - $3.39
Use <$2.50> here = $0.89

That's it! Have fun and don't forget to check out your Dollar Center, there is a lot of cute stuff this week!

Happy Couponing!


  1. Great job! Very impressive!

  2. First of are my couponing idol. Just found you thru couponing101 and LUV ya. I'm a F.W. girl as well and a targeter. The one off Hulen by the mall always has "coupon nazis" with me. I've tryed the 2$ off the .99$ eyedrops and they adjust the coupon amount so I won't have an overage. I always have mistakes on my receipt as well. Their prices are cheaper than Montgomery street though. So which one do you shop. And do you get mistakes alot? How long do you wait to fix the mistake...with a 9 mo old and 2 1/2 yr old I can't always run right back in. Often just have to let it go.

  3. you are amazing! I love seeing all your loot!

    Oh--and is your husband just head over heels in love with you for saving him so much money?:)

  4. Thanks, Hollie!
    PS-it feels strange to write my own name but I am talking to someone else! Hollie with an I-E rocks!

    Hi, Kelly! Thanks, luv you too! I didn't even know that I was on Couponing 101?!?! Cool deal! Ok so let's talk FW Target's, the Overton store does have "coupon Nazis" bad but when I shop before noon I have better luck. Also cherry pick your cashier, look for a tatted & pierced up teenager. No judgment here - I've got tats myself! I have found a couple of girls that I specifically look for. Not that I am trying to get them to do something that they shouldn't but come on the store is gonna get reimbursed $3 from B&L but I only get 99¢?? What's up with that?? I have never had a mistake but I also don't hand a stack of coupons over at one time, I break them up. I count out how many of the same that I have for each one then when they are ringing them up I know how many beeps to count, that way I don't get shorted a coupon. I act like I am making sure that I don't mess up so that the cashier doesn't think that I think they are an idiot - works like a charm! Hulen is cheaper than Montgomery on a few things but I still shop both. If I am wanting to use my B&L coupon to "pay" for other things that I want and I get denied at one I say forget it and go to the other where I always get the overage. I have never been denied twice in one day but both stores have denied me at times. Now that I have found "my girls" at both stores I have no probs. HTH, if not let me know! Hope to see you at Target!

    Hi, Alison! Thanks! I showed hubs your comment and he said sure he loves my couponing but he is HOH in love with or without coupons - I think he wants something!! LOL!

  5. I don't see the Teddy Grahams coupon on the link you posted. Is it not available anymore? Thanks!

  6. Hi, Jennifer. This is my shopping trip from 04/24 so those Target coupons are no longer valid. I have been slacking on Target posts but my life has gotten crazy busy and I just run out of time. Now that the end of school hub-bub is over I hope to get back to posting Target.