Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CVS Update

Yesterday I saw this deal from Stephanie at Couponing 101 and when I went in today to get an issue with my Sunday trip straightened out I checked it out and she was sooo right!

Here is the deal, the Dove SkinVitalizers are on clearance for $4.00 which is such a deal since these are normally around $13 but here is how to make it sweeter:
Use <$3.50> 03/15 RP or here = $0.50
Plus I got a CRT today for <$2.50> on any Dove Face Care Product, if you have this you would make $2.00 for buying this!!! See I told you - sweet!

To check and see if your card was "blessed" with this CRT, scan your Extra Care Card under the Price Scanner which should have a big sign saying Price Checker/Scanner hanging from the ceiling over it. Once you scan your card if there are coupons available on your card they will print out on the side of the machine.

Happy Couponing!


  1. Where are these located? I couldn't find any and thinking I may not have been looking in the right area. (Not in clearance or shaving areas)

  2. Hi, Homemom3! At my store they were on the Beauty wall, ya know after the makeup where all the facial stuff is, on the bottom shelf. HTH!

  3. My card was "blessed":) with that CRT and I used it to get a refill pack of the pillows for the SkinVitalizer that were on sale for $3.50. So in total I paid $1.50 for 1 Dove SkinVitalizer and 1 package of refill pillows. What a great deal!

  4. Hey Hollie,
    Today in our Home Mailer we get with coupons and the weekly walmart ad there is a $5.00 coupon for the skin vitalizer!!!

  5. Hi, Jamie! That's awesome!!! Make sure and call your local CVS to check if they have any SV in stock before you head over there. I have about 10 CVS in close proximity and only 1 had them left so of course I scooped the kids from school and headed there. I hope that I get the coupon too!! Thanks for letting us all know!