Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tom Thumb 04/21/09, $137.06 for +$11.30!!

I don't know why but for some reason I have really just not been into the new Living Well Feeling Great Promo (LW) but tonight "guilt" got me & "made" me go up there so they could pay me AGAIN to take stuff home! LOL! At the 1st TT I went to I asked the cashier if I needed to break the items up into (2) $30 groups in order to receive (2) of the $10 LW catalina, she said no I would get (2) $10 cat's back - I didn't so the manager issued me a $10 GC. Lesson to be learned, when you do this promo make sure & break your items up into $30 groups. This promo runs until May 5th so you have plenty of time to gather your coupons & hit the store! If you are wanting lots of a particular item make sure to ask your store manager to order extra for you, they will call you when they get it in so you get first dibs!

Here is what I got tonight at Tom Thumb in 2 transactions but it really should have been 3:

(16) Ozarka Water Bottles, 6-pk @ $1.99 each = $31.84
Used (8) <$1.00>/2 peelies = $23.84

(01) Capri Sun SunRise @ $1.99
Used <$0.50> TT Super Coupon = $1.49
Used <$1.00> 04/19 SS = $0.49

(02) Bertolli Pasta Sauce Pouches @ $2.00 each = $4.00
Used (2) <$1.00> 04/05 U = $2.00/2

(10) Precious String Cheese, 12 oz @ $3.99 each = $39.90
Used (10) <$2.00> peelies = $19.90/10

(04) Electrasol/Finish Dishwasher Tabs @ $3.99 each = $15.96
Used (4) <$2.50> 04/19 SS = $5.96/4

(01) Red Grapes, 2.50 lbs @ $0.88/lb = $2.20

(01) Reusable Shopping Bag @ $2.00
Used <$2.00> TT in-ad coupon wyb $50 = FREE

Sub-Total: $137.06
Reward Card Savings: <$39.17>
Total: $97.89
Home Mailer Coupon: <$10.00>/$50.00
10% Best Customer Discount: <$7.59>
TT Coupons: <$2.50>
MFGC: <$41.00>
Dbl/Tpl MFGC: <$0.00>
Tax: <$0.10> (IDK??)
Total: $36.70 (paid $26 with catalina's & $9.58 with GC = OOP $1.12)
Catalina's Earned: $48.00 ($30 - 3 LW, $16 Ozarka & $2 Bertolli)
Cost: NOTHING!!! I got paid $11.30!! Yup! I got paid to take all this home!

Since I didn't do a TT post this week (my bad but it was my b-day) click here & here for coupon match-ups

Happy Couponing!


  1. I can't ever seem to find the peelies that you post on certain products. Are they usually just on the outside of the packaging? Would the store remove them for some reason? I suppose other people could be taking them off too?

  2. How did you get the 10% discount?

  3. Hi, Sarah! Sorry your having a hard time finding the peelies. It is a hit or miss kind of thing but I post it so that my readers keep a look out for them. Yes they are on the outside of the package, no the stores here in FW wouldn't remove them and YES oh YES fellow couponers steal peelies. Make sure you check all stores that sell the product not just the store that has them on sale.

    Hi, Nessykins! I have no idea how I got the discount. From what I have learned it just happens to some cards with no rhyme or reason. You might call the 1-800 # on the back of your card and request it, it never hurts to ask. Let me know!

  4. Hollie, you are a goddess. I didn't think it was possible to stick it to Tom Thumb (which is why I break out in a cold sweat everytime I'm forced to go there to get something) but you did it. I bow to your expertise.

  5. Amazing! I too have heard rumors of a 10% customer discount, I will try calling the number- thank you!

  6. Hi, LeaAnn! Thanks! Oh sure you can score lots of deals at Tom Thumb, I am there each week!

    Hi, CJ Sime! Just heard from LeaAnn that she called and got a one-time 10% discount and was flagged for consideration for the same 10% discount that I have right now. Let me know how it goes!

  7. Great run, Hollie! How can you not be into this promo? It's so much fun!

    Thanks for linking up again at Moneywise Moms. :)

  8. I haven’t been on a run yet but saw Reynolds is on the list. If the promo it includes the Reynolds Recycled this would be a good way to use it for the MIR and the Living Well promo. Also, the Reynolds recycled site now as a .50 coupon so it’ll double unlike the .55 one from the paper this weeked.

  9. This is the biggest savings I've ever seen! SO impressed!!!

  10. hi im new to this and was wondering if you could tell me what the abbreviations stand for such as TT. And also what is a catalina and how does it help save $?

  11. Check out the below post for help in "decoding" abbreviations
    TT - is Tom Thumb
    Catalina's (CATS) are like a coupon/gift card (GC) but with an expiration date (exp). Sometimes when you are at the store and you see a shelf tag that says get $2 off your next order (yno) when you buy (wyb) 2 Ozarka items, the $2 you get back - that's the catalina. They are good on most everything in the store except beer, lottery and such. HTH! (Hope this Helps)
    PS - I used lots of abbreviations on purpose! LOL!