Sunday, July 19, 2009

CVS 07/19 - 07/25/09

Don't forget if you don't want to do ECB (Extra Care Bucks) you can price match at Wal-Mart with the ad and still take part in the savings, click here for more details. Also to print more than one copy of a coupon hit the back button after the first copy prints, most sites will only let you print 2.

Never been CVSin' before click here because Stephanie at Couponing 101 has written a GREAT post all about the ins and outs of CVS and of course you can contact me if you have any other questions!

Confused?? Want to know what all these terms mean? Click here.

Here are the best deals for this week:

* 3-Day Sale, Sunday – Tuesday *

~ Caliber or CVS/pharmacy Memo Book, 50-80 sheets - $0.99
Earn $0.99 in ECB = FREE, limit 2

~ Caliber or CVS/pharmacy No. 2 Pencils, 24 ct - $1.99
Earn $1.99 in ECB = FREE, limit 2

~ Vinyl Binder, 1 inch - $3.00
Earn $3.00 in ECB = FREE, limit 2

~ Paper Mate 1.2 pens, 10 ct - $0.99
Earn $0.99 in ECB = FREE, limit 2

~ Caliber or CVS/pharmacy Filler Paper, 150 sheets - $2.00
Earn $2.00 in ECB = FREE, limit 2

* Okay Deals *

~ Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes, Corn Pops, Rice Krispies, Apple Jacks or Froot Loops, 8.7-15 oz – BOGO, limit 8 (psa $4.29)
Use (2) <$1.00> 06/07 RP (exp. 07/19) = varies
(I will never pay over $1/box for cereal)

~ Essence of Beauty Bath, Lotion Candle or Bath Accessories – BOGO 50% off (psa $1.49)
Use <$2.00> Lotion Candle Reinventing Beauty Insert = varies
(Cheapest ones I saw were $4.99. Using (2) coupons you would pay $3.49/2)
Use <$2.00> Flawless Pedicure System Reinventing Beauty Insert = varies

* Great Deals *

~ Nature’s Bounty or Flex-a-min Vitamins or Supplements – BOGO, limit 6
Use (2) <$1.00> NB 06/28 RP, here & here = varies
Use (2) <$6.00> FM 06/21 RP = variesUse (2) <$4.00> FM here = varies
Use (2) <$3.00> FM 06/28 RP = varies

~ Milk, gallon - $2.69
Earn $1.00 in ECB = $1.69, limit 2

~ Backpacks – psa $7.99
Earn $5.00 in ECB = varies, limit 2

~ Duracell Batteries, AA or AAA, 4-pk, C or D, 2-pk or 9-volt, 1-pk - $2.99
Earn $1.00 in ECB = $1.99, Limit 1
Use <$1.50> 07/12 RP = $0.49 (if included)
Use <$0.75> 06/28 or 07/12 RP = $1.24

~ Veet, entire line - $2.00 off (psa $5.49)
Use <$2.00> Reinventing Beauty Insert, here, or here = varies (as low as $1.49)

* Total Steals *

~ Sobe Life Water, 20 oz – BOGO, limit 6
Use BOGO here = 2/FREE

~ Kodak Picture Movie DVD - $9.99
Earn $9.99 in ECB = FREE, limit 1 (Sign in my stores say limit 5)

~ Speed Stick Pro Deodorant, 2.7 oz - $2.99
Earn $2.00 in ECB = $0.99, limit 2
Use <$1.50> here = +$0.51
(Only zip code 33907 got this coupon)
Use <$1.00> CVS Coupon in Reinventing Beauty Magazine = +$0.01
** Check your CRT's, I got a $1 off Speed Stick **

~ First Aid Products – see below
Earn $5.00 in ECB wyb $10 = varies, limit 5
~ Band-Aid Brand Bandages, 6-100 ct
Use <$1.00> 04/26 RP = varies
Use <$0.50> 05/17 RP or 06/28 SS = varies
~ J&J Red Cross Products
Use <$1.00> 05/17 RP or here = varies
** Look for peelies **
~ Neosporin, 0.5 oz
~ Neo To Go Spray, 0.26 oz
~ Neosporin Packets, 10 ct
Use <$1.00> 04/26 RP or here = varies
Use <$0.50> 05/17 RP or 06/28 SS = varies
Best Scenario:
Buy (11) J&J Red Cross Travel 1st Aid Kits (Travel Section) @ $0.99 = $10.89
Use (11) <$1.00> 05/17 RP = +$0.11
Earn $5 in ECB = +$5.11
(Don't have 11 coupons?? Buy them here & get them shipped FAST!)

~ CVS/pharmacy Pantiliners, 22 ct - $0.89
Earn $0.89 in ECB = FREE, limit 1

* Monthly ECB Sales *

~ Bayer Contour Meter - $19.99
Earn $5.00 in ECB = $14.99, limit 2
Use FREE 10/26 RP or 03/22 SS = +$5.00

That's all folks! Leave a comment and let me know how you did, I will try to post my shopping trip deals later.

I am proud to have my CVS post on BeCentsAble's Grocery Gathering!


  1. I just thought I'd let you know, Ihad big trouble getting J&J first aid kits deal to work at my CVS. I had $1/1 coupons from Walgreens that say "excludes trial size" and since they are with the trial sized stuff in the store, the person at the register said that they were trial size. I told her that I thought that their size was "to-go" not "trial" but she still didn't want to use the coupons because they were for $1 and the item was only 99 cents.

    I told her that she needed to adjust them down and she had no idea what I was talking about. I told her that a lot of stores will adjust down a coupon if it's for more than the item. She kept saying stuff about how corporate is always sending them messages about using stuff wrong and that she could lose her job for using the coupons on a trial sized item when it specifically says that it excludes them... I told her over and over again that if it was an issue that I just wouldn't get them (I didn't really need them anyway - I just like making money!).

    She then got her shift manager to come over and she said if they scanned to use them, but she didn't know how to adjust them down either. I only found 7 in that store and when they got to the 7th coupon, it didn't work because they weren't adjusting them down and the subtotal was only 93 cents. Then I guess they figured out how to adjust it down and I only spent 35 cents on everything.

    The shift manager was making a bunch of notes about stuff and mumbling. I again said that if it was an issue, I just wouldn't get them - I honestly don't want anyone to lose their job over something like this - as an unemployed person, I know how hard it is to find something else to do.

    I just wanted to let people know that they might have an issue getting their store to take the coupons, if the cashier is paying extra attention...

  2. Hi Hollie,

    Hope you are doing well! Do you know if any of the CVS stores in the Fort Worth area offer the Sunday sales on Saturday? If so, what time do they start? If not, do you happen to know what time the Sunday sales become available on the registers at the 24 hour stores in our area? I am going out of town in a week (leaving on Sunday) and of course, that is the same time CVS is putting items I really want on sale.

    Thanks again for you blog and all the information you provide us.

    Have a great day!


  3. Hi, Anon! Thanks for the tips - I appreciate it!

    Hi, Toni! The stores that close at 10PM activate the new sale ads at 6PM. The stores that close at midnight switch over at 11 PM and the 24 HR stores switch over at midnight. If the sale item is a S, M, T Only sale item you can only get those at midnight or 24 HR stores. Just make sure that you ask if they switched over when you get ready to check out at which ever store you choose. Hope this helps!

  4. Best Scenario:
    Buy (11) J&J Red Cross Travel 1st Aid Kits (Travel Section) @ $0.99 = $10.89
    Use (11) <$1.00> 05/17 RP = +$0.11

    This looks amazing.. (im new to CVSing) but don't they not allow you to use more than one coupon per purchase?

  5. Catherine,
    Welcome to CVSing, it is amazing! You can use 1 MFGC (coupon) for each item that you buy. So with the above scenario you are buying 11 items therefore you can use 11 coupons. Then when you pay if you have any ECB (ExtraCare Bucks) you can use as many as needed to pay for your purchase. CVS is way easier than Walgreens in my opinion. Let me know if you have any other questions.