Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Walgreens Money-maker next week

Click on & print the above coupon now before they run out of prints then use it next week (06/14) at Walgreens along with the in-ad coupon to get Dry Idea for FREE or +$1.01!! My store let's me keep my overage as long as I don't have a negative total, they won't give me cash back. The coupon is good until 11/30/09 and even though the pic says "Available at Wal-Mart" it is a MFGC and good anywhere, it's just a marketing tool that Wal-Mart uses to make you think that you have to buy it there.


  1. So could you use the overage on any item? I was thinking of getting two deodorants.

  2. Hi, Chrystal! If your store allows overage then yes you could get 2 for FREE with the 1 coupon but you will still be over 2¢ since they are 99¢ each and the coupon is $2. I can't say definitely yes or no since it all depends on your store. Hope they let you though!