Monday, June 8, 2009

$5 ECB on Pampers at CVS Info

Just a quick note, I have spoken to 1 (800) SHOP CVS about the $5 ECB on Pampers deal that was reported on several sites. I didn't post this deal because I tested it myself at 8 AM on Sunday and it didn't work. It was an invalid offer as we had all hoped to not be true. If you did buy ANY Pampers diapers on Sunday or early this morning and the manager didn't force print you the $5 ECB you can call the number above and they will generate the ECB for you up to 3 times for a total of $15 ECB. Since CVS will not get reimbursed from Pampers (all ECB are reimbursements from the manufacturer) don't rush out and do this knowing that it won't work but if you did it already made sure and call. Trying to slip in on this deal now will only hurt CVS and we all LOVE CVS so let's play nice kids.

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