Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Albertson's 06/10 - 06/16/09

It's a BOGO sale at Albies this week so I will head to the store tomorrow and post the deals in the evening.


  1. Hi Hollie,

    Are you going to post deals on Albertson's. Yours are my favorite! I understand if you don't have time. Do you know any other blogs that post on Albertson's? Thanks so much.


  2. Did you ever find good deals at Albertsons?

  3. Hi, Jennifer & Anon! I am trying but just had too much to do this weekend to take the 3 hours to troll Albies and look for deals then another 3 to search for coupons and post. Sorry to drop the ball but this has been a busy week. I am hoping to post what I think could be deals later tonight. As for other sites, they did the same thing as me pretty much since it is sooo time consuming when they do their BOGO sales. listed a few possible deals & did as well.