Thursday, May 28, 2009

Softsoap Ensembles Money-Maker at Target

Well Target has done it again, there is another awesome Gift Card deal out there but this time it's for the (overpriced) Softsoap Ensembles.

Here is the deal:
Buy any (2) Softsoap Ensembles Refill Double Packs double pack or Single Pump at $6.00 each earn a $5.00 Gift Card.

Here are the available coupons:
<$2.00> Pump - CVS Reinventing Beauty Magazine & Insert
<$2.00> Pump or Base - here (I could only print one)
<$2.00> Pump or Base - Taget Home Mailer "Get More For Less" Coupon
<$2.00> Pump or 2-pk Base - Target Coupon in 05/31 inserts (supposedly) or here
<$1.50> Pump - 05/10 SS (exp. 05/30)
<$0.75> Base - 05/10 SS (exp. 05/30)

Here is how to turn this into a money-maker:
Buy (1) Single Pump @ $6.00
Buy (1) Double Pack Refill @ $6.00 = $12.00
Use (1) <$2.00> Pump MFGC = $10.00
Use (1) <$2.00> Refill MFGC = $8.00
Use (2) <$2.00> Target Coupons = $4.00
Earn $5.00 Gift Card = +$1.00
Submit $4.00 MIR = +$5.00
(I saw the MIR forms at Tom Thumb in March)

If you don't have a MIR form or you don't want to buy one from ebay (that drives me nuts that people steal tearpads & peelies then resell them), here is the best deal:
Buy (2) Pumps/Bases @ $6.00 each = $12.00
Use (2) <$2.00> MFGC = $8.00
Use (2) <$2.00> Target Coupons = $4.00
Earn $5.00 Gift Card = +$1.00

This offer runs until 07/13!!

Did I leave anything out?? Let me know!

Thanks to Liz & Stephanie for alerting me to this promo!


  1. Sounds like a good plan. I am planning to get some Target Deals over the weekend with my Target card.

  2. Do you when this is supposed to start? I looked all over my Target yesterday & couldn't find anything about this deal. The pumps & refills were priced at 5.99 but nothing on the shelf about the GC deal.

  3. Hi, Trish! It's going on now until 07/13. I found the sign for the Gift Card deal on an end cap. It also includes Irish Spring Body Wash, just look for the multi-packs of the refills or the IS Body Wash. When you check out, after the 2 items have been scanned if the screen doesn't pop up telling the cashier to give you a gift card you can always have the cashier take them off before you pay. HTH!

  4. Can you tell me where you found this deal? After purchasing the two pumps, it did not show them to give me the $5.00 gift card. My Target in Euless says they know nothing about it but if I could show them something they would be happy to honor it.

  5. Hi, Anon! As I wrote in the above comment, "I found the sign for the Gift Card deal on an end cap" & was alerted to the deal by my neighbor who works for Target. I haven't seen anything in print about the deal just the end cap sign at the Fort Worth store. Since I posted this deal several other sites that are not local to Texas are reporting the same deal so I don't know why your store isn't. Sorry!

  6. Hi Hollie,

    I am new to couponing and have a question about Target's coupon policy. Does the Target you shop at adjust coupons down to meet sales price? i.e., coupon for 1.00 item on sale for .97? Will they take both a Target coupon and a manu. coupon on the same item? How are they about taking internet/printed coupons? I have read such horror stories about shopping at Target, I have not tried shopping with coupons there yet. Also, which Target do you shop at, the one on Overton Ridge? Have you ever shopped at the new one by Ridgmar Mall and if so were they coupon friendly?

    Thanks for much for your blog and your help.

    Have a great day! Toni

  7. Hi, Toni!
    No mine doesn't adjust them down most of the time I get the overage. They are not required to give you the overage but they are required to adjust it down. If they refuse call corporate from your phone or tell them that you will wait for them to call.
    Yes you can stack the 2 MFGC & Target coupons, that is Target policy.
    I have never had an IP denied.
    I seldom have problems at Target but I cherry pick my cashier, just look for the teen that is miserable to be there and they won't give you issues. I never try to scam them I just don't want to have to educate each cashier about the store's policy on coupons - that is what the trainers are getting paid for.
    I shop Overton & Montgomery Plaza both are coupon friendly as long as you pick the right cashier. Once I have checked out with them I look for them or if I have ever had to train them on coupon policy I will go back to them since they won't give me an static!
    Your Welcome!
    I hope that I have helped, if not let me know!

  8. Coupon crazy in Keller, TXJune 16, 2009 at 7:51 AM

    I think it is too cool when you post a pic of items purchased along with the breakdown of how you achieved the savings! I am amazed at how much money you save.

    I hope you continue to do that for people like me who need all the help we can get. Seeing a picture makes it really hit home. Thanks!

  9. Hi Hollie,

    Thanks for you fast response and great advice for shopping at Target. One final question, when you use a coupon with an amount that exceeds the sales price of the item you are purchasing does the coupon beep or go through at Target? Being a newbie, I still fear the beep and the attention it brings.

    Have a great day and thanks again for all of your hard work.


  10. Hi, Toni! Your welcome. If it's a MFGC then it will beep and they have to adjust it down or hit a key letting it go through thus giving you the overage. If it's a Target Q then most of the time if you didn't stack a MFGC with it then it will auto-adjust down. Don't fear the beep! If you are buying what the coupon is for you should have no problems with it and if you do then ask them to adjust it down to the purchase price.
    You enjoy your day as well!

  11. Thank you so much for pointing this post out to me. I didn't know anything about it! I may have missed out on this one though. The Mc's expired 5/30, so I no longer have them. I went to go print out the Target coupons from your link and the barcode prints out distorted. The exp. date says 8/1/09 and everything else is clear, but the barcode upc #'s at the bottom are completely unreadable. I have actually had this happen b4 when printing out Target's on line Q's. It's weird b/c it does say the along the top. It clearly came from their site. idk. I would like to print it the Q's out though. Just in case they come out with some new softsoap MC's soon. Usually they come back out (ss) shortly after they expired. Any advice??? Thanks! :)

  12. I have another ? You said that ppl steal the peelies and sell them on Ebay. I have seen some sites where ppl say that they are getting 30 of one coupon off of e-bay. I haven't even tried to check it out, b/c it makes me sick when ppl have to be that greedy. They take it all for themselves and don't leave any for others that would like to get the deal too! This really makes me mad too! In case you can't tell. LOL! I thought that it was illegal to sell coupons, though? How R ppl getting away with this?

  13. Hi, PennyScents! There is still a printable coupon and coupons in the CVS Beauty Magazine that are MFGC. I embedded another link to the Target coupon for you to try. I don't know why you couldn't print it since I haven't had it happen to me and when I printed it from the old link it worked just fine. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
    You can't sell coupons but you can sell your time in finding them, cutting them and/or mailing them - that's how they get away with it. If you ever see a tear pad that's full go back in a day or two and you will find it empty. Then check ebay and guess what you will find?? I have also seen them on craigslist from time to time. I see nothing wrong with taking what you know that you will use or taking and mailing them to people for the cost of the envelope and stamp but if it's a coupon that you make money on you can bet the auction will go pretty high. It's a dirty way to coupon but if that one person didn't do it then another would.

  14. They wouldn't get away with it if ppl didn't go on there and pay for them, though. Just something for ppl to think about. :)

  15. I went to target today for the softsoap deal, and I did not get a gift card. They knew nothing about the promotion. Also, my store refused to adjust the amount of the coupon to match the item. I called corporate customer service, and Shawn said that company policy is that they do NOT adjust prices. What is the deal with this company? I have read their policy online and it says that they do. How do I find an official answer to take to the store I shop at? How can I get the Soft soap deal?

    thanks in advance

  16. Hi, Anon! There have been reports that some areas are not getting the gift card but I don't know where is and where is not. I find it really odd that a nationwide store is not running this promo at some locations. As for "what's their deal" I have no idea. They are so wishy-washie I find it very frustrating. I would call customer service and read the policy that you have from online and ask them to please explain to you why you didn't get the service that is outlined on their website. Their policy is also floating around the net, do a search and you should be able to easily find it. I don't know how you can get the SS deal, I would tell them that your friend (that's me) in Fort Worth, Texas was able to get in on this deal and that signs are posted on several endcaps through out the store and you want to know if Target runs different promos at different locations. This promo is also associated with Irish Spring Body Wash so tell them that when they are looking it up. Next time that I go to Target I will take a pic of the sign and post it here so make sure you subscribe or check back often for when I post it. You might be able to take a print out of the pic to your store and have them honor the deal but that is completely based on your manager. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.