Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kraft Coupons RESET

I am running out the door but needed to print a coupon from and noticed that the Kraft coupons that I have already printed don't say "PRINT LIMIT REACHED" anymore so I check them along with the one I needed and it printed too!! Wahoo! They reset them! I don't know how long this will last or if they are going to be all taken down and new offers put up on Monday (June 1st) or not, I would say print, print, print NOW!! Go here to get yours or you can check out the coupon widget in my left sidebar. I will type up the current list on Monday.

DON'T FORGET - hit the back button after each coupon prints, most of the time all you will get is (2) but sometimes I have gotten up to (6)!!!


  1. Mine reset and I was really excited. I chose the ones I wanted to print and it said to install the coupon printer which I though was weird b/c I print from there all the time. After installing the coupon printer it said thanks for printing your coupons will be waiting for you at the printer. My printer never printed them. I refreshed the page and tried again. Still no coupons and now it says print limit reached. Any ideas on how I can get the coupons?

  2. Hi, Doodle! Oh Man! That stinks! There is nothing that you can do. You could try to check the ones from the Kraft ad in my left sidebar. IDK! Sorry!

  3. That's o.k. It's not like I didn't already get a bunch of Kraft coupons. :) I will check the ktaft site. Cross your fingers.