Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Printable Coupons & Freebies - UPDATED updated their site again with a few more coupons and a few coupons were taken down, I hope you got them.

Click here to see the entire list or read below the updates then click here to access this list:

NEW Glamour May Issue, $1.00
NEW Health Valley Organic Products, $1.00
NEW Imagine Soups, $1.50/2
NEW LeapFrog Tag Book, $5.00
NEW LeapFrog Tag Reading System, $10.00
NEW Lucky Magazine May Issue, $0.50
NEW Ronzoni Bistro Meal, $1.00
NEW WholeMeals Food for Dogs, $2.00 (Value changed from $3 to $2)

Here are some new offers for you:

Click here or above picture to get your 2009 Entertainment Passbook filled with coupons specific to your area.
(In my PB on the first page are 4 Tom Thumb coupons for $5 off your purchase of $50 and that alone paid me back for my PB. The first TT coupon expired on the 31st of March but the other 3 are still valid so there's your $15 bucks back plus all the other coupons inside are a bonus!)

Click here or above picture to sign up for offers & recipes from Betty Crocker

Click here or above picture to choose any three boxes of coffees or tea for $3.00 (S/H included!!!) and receive a FREE stainless steel travel mug. If after your receive your shipment you decide that you don't want to continue to receive shipments just call 1-800-GEVALIA and let them know you want to cancel, easy-peasey. Plus if this deal is still active in 6 months (it should be) you can do it again! How neat is that!?!?!?! I did this for my Mom and she loved the coffees & tea that she tried but after a few months of shipments, on doctor's orders, she had to give up coffee and when she cancelled her membership they didn't even hassle her to stay. Give it a try you have nothing to loose.

Plus the below offers are still available but the Enfamil has almost reached it's limit so if you are wanting to sign up do it now!

Click here to get a $2 coupon for Aveeno

DEAD DEAL Click here to get a FREE Breastfeeding Support Kit from Enfamil with a sample of Enfamil LIPIL & Expecta LIPIL DHA Supplement for pregnant and nursing moms. Also an excerpt from "The Nursing Mother's Companion", a useful guide with tips and suggestions for feeding your baby.

Click here to get a FREE Pass to Bally's

Click here to get your FREE Easy Bakeware, click here to read all about it. This is such an awesome deal to start with but you can get a FREE item each and every month or until the promo ends, how cool is that?!?!PS - I have done this myself and REALLY, I ordered my FREE item with $1 S/H and was charged nothing else, plus I love my non-stick loaf pan.

Happy Couponing!

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