Wednesday, November 25, 2009 - Nintendo DSi Bundle $154.98!

I can't believe that Christmas is in just 1 month!!! In addition to all of normal Thanksgiving chores I have on my To-Do List I have also been compiling my Christmas shopping list. OF COURSE I want to get the best deal so OF COURSE I will be out and about on Black Friday. One of the items that I have been scouring the internet for is a Nintendo DS system, this is for my 6 year old so I really didn't care if it was the Lite or DSi. My thinking was why pay more for the DSi when by the time he has all the features figured out they would just come out with a new one so I was leaning towards the DS Lite, that is until right now.

The DS Lite will be on sale at Wal-Mart on Friday for $100 with no games, no nothing - just the system. I was prepared to head out to Wal-Mart in the wee hours of the morning to get mine until I was poking around tonight. They have the DSi with 5 games, yes 5, for $154.98 and it qualifies for FREE Shipping!!!! I selected the DSi in Metallic Blue which comes with the Mario Collection of games, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!, WarioWare: Snapped!, Dr. Mario Express, Mario Calculator, Mario Clock. You can also get the DSi in White with the Brain Age Collection of games, Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Brain Age Express: Sudoku, Brain Age Express: Math, Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics And Photo Clock.

I think that this is an AWESOME deal since it's only $55 more than the Lite and it's #1 - the better version, #2 - includes 5 games, #3 - no Black Friday crowd, #4 - no tax, so really it's only $45'ish more!

Hurry and grab yours (here) now before the sell out! Really go now, this is a HOT item and price.

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