Friday, October 9, 2009

Time to load your e-Coupons, 10/09/09

I am a little late with this reminder.....

It's time to load your e-coupons from:

* Cellfire
My favs are: Betty Crocker, Bisquick, Cottonelle, Fiber One, Green Giant, Huggies, Nature Valley, Old El Paso, Pillsbury & Yoplait.

* P&G
There are a lot of great coupons this month, so many I can't choose a favorite. Make sure and load them today, all expire 10/31/09.

* Shortcuts
My fav's are: Betty Crocker, Cereals, Fiber One, Green Giant, Huggies, Old El Paso, Pillsbury & Tabasco.

* Upromise
There are some great coupons this month! I think that the best ones are the Bounty, Charmin, Huggies, Nestle Candy, Ronzoni Pasta, Similac Formula & Wonka, all expire 10/31/09. Don't forget these coupons are not reflected at the register, they are deposits into a college savings account so they can be stacked with "paper" coupons!!

In case you missed it, check out my e-coupons etiquette post here.

(Thanks to Alyssa for help with the image!)

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  1. I love the surprise savings of ecoupons. I always load them & never plan on them so I can be surprised.