Friday, October 9, 2009

FREE Leap Frog Board Book

If you own Leap Frog toys then go here to link them to the Leap Frog Learning Path and in return they will mail you a FREE board book!!! I own several Leap Frog Tag products, therefore I already had an account with a Learning Path set up to it but I was still able to sign up for the FREE book. I think that this is a super-duper FREEBIE and couldn't work out better for my family, now my 2nd born baby boy will be able to have a NEW book all his own versus the hand-me-down books from his big brother. Keep your fingers crossed he doesn't just eat it!!


  1. Thanks for the info!! That is a great deal!

  2. I was already signed up and followed the link you gave, saw the ad for the free book, linked our toys...but I never saw anything else about the book. Am I supposed to give my address somewhere?