Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sack 'n Save/Minyard 07/15 - 07/21/09

Noticed a few good deals while looking through the Sack 'n Save ad today and wanted to share. My Sack 'n Save only accepts coupons at face value. Sack 'n Save is a division of Minyard's, click here to find a store near you and to view the weekly ad. Don't have a store close? Print the weekly ad & take it to Wal-Mart for price matching but check with your local Wal-Mart first to make sure that they will price match Minyard/Sack 'n Save.

* Produce *

~ Green Seedless Grapes - $0.98/lb

~ Nectarines or Peaches - $0.98/lb

~ Cucumbers - $0.33/each

~ Yellow Onions, medium - $0.50/lb

~ Lemons, small - $0.20/each

~ Roma Tomatoes - $0.79/lb

~ Red Delicious Apples - $0.20/each

~ Red Potatoes, large - $0.59/lb

~ Carrots, 16-oz bag - $0.59/each

* Grocery *

~ Tostitos, 9-15.625 oz - $1.98

~ Mission Corn Tortillas, 80 ct - $1.28
Use <$0.75> blinkie = $0.53
(These blinkies have been reported at several different grocery stores – keep an eye out!)

* Frozen *

~ Patio Dinners, 9.5-12.25 oz - $0.78

* Household Goods *

~ Bounty Basic Paper Towels, 8 rolls - $4.98
Use <$1.00> Home Mailer = $3.98 or $0.50/roll
Use <$0.25> 06/07 or 07/05 PG = $4.73 or $0.59/roll

~ Bic Child Guard Lighters - $0.99
Use <$1.00> 05/17 SS or here = FREE, possible 1¢ overage
Use <$1.00> Wine Tag = FREE, possible 1¢ overage
(I got this around the neck of my Sutter Home Wine at Kroger, the tag says "Build a Better Burger")

* Dairy *

~ Best Choice Medium Eggs, dozen - $0.58/each

* Meat *

~ Pilgrim’s Pride Fresh Whole Fryers - $0.69/lb, limit 3
Use <$0.55> here = varies

~ Eckrich Jumbo Franks, 16 oz - $0.99
Use <$1.00>/2 06/28 SS = $0.98/2 or $0.49 each

Want to see more deals from S&S/Minyard?? Leave me a comment or send me an email to let me know otherwise I will just post when I see something really special.

I am proud to have my Sack 'n Save/Minyard post on BeCentsAble's Grocery Gathering!


  1. is this for minyards as well or just sack n save?? thanks for all you do

  2. Hi, David! It is mainly for both, there might be one or 2 things that one ad might have that the other won't. I checked my local Minyard ad online to the Sack 'n Save ad that I got and they are the same except some Minyard locations are having special sales that are only vaild at certain locations. You can check your local ad and compare my list to that ad, just click on the 'here' at the top of the post.
    Hey, your welcome! So nice to be thanked!