Saturday, July 18, 2009

My computer is sick-e poo!

Hi, all! Just wanted to tell you that my computer has been beyond a pain and my IT guy is MIA, so I am running slow. Slow might be an understatement - I crashed 17 times yesterday. To make that even more fun when you are working on a post and your computer crashes it does all kinds of funky stuff to your post that has to be edited in the HTML format. If any of that went over your head, let me break it down for ya - it messes stuff up and is a pain to fix! I am working on getting it back to 100% but if anyone is an IT person and has any ideas - I welcome them.

Here are my symptoms:
Browser will start flashing
Gray out all applications that I have minimized
Gray out all task bars
Page will bounce
Font on the page I am viewing will change

After all that fun the hour glass comes up and I get the dreaded (Not Responding) message so I CTRL - ALT - Delete & start over.



  1. Oh, girl, I'm sorry you're having problems. I'm no IT person, that is for sure, but I'm letting you know I'll be praying that it gets fixed soon. I know it is frustrating!

  2. what a bummer! told my hubby about some of your problems and he said your computer probably has a virus. sometimes your internet provider can help with that. otherwise you can google spybot. good luck!