Thursday, June 25, 2009

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So today I took the day off. I stayed up late, late, late (okay 4 AM) Wednesday night and finished up the grocery stores for you guys so that I could spend all day with my kiddos. We had great fun in the sun, with sunblock (that I got for FREE) of course! This is my last summer before I have a child in school and I want to soak up every minute that I have left of the little boy that will sometimes still call me Mommy and not just plain old Mom. I know that once he is surrounded by his peers on a daily basis I will loose a little bit of influence each day so I want to make sure and reinforce all of our beliefs into this little man so that when he is challenged by a fellow classmate he will remember what I taught him and be able to take a stand for the good & true. I am willing to let go and let this child grow into the incredible man that I know he will be but for now he is my baby, my firstborn, my heart and I cherish this time with him. Enjoy your day!

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