Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunny D Coupon

To get your coupon for 55¢ off any 48 oz Sunny D Smoothie product follow the steps below:

#1 - Turn off Pop-up Blocker or if your settings are like mine you will have an option to allow the pop-up when it tries to load
#2 - Click here
#3 - Select "Skip Into"
#4 - Select "Go Get It" under the tab "Coupons"
#5 - Where is says "click to get a coupon" like in the above pic - do that
#6 - Another page will open asking you "Print Coupons" - click that
#7 - Coupons should print

I have never had to hop through so many hoops in my life to get a lousy 55¢ coupon but if you are a fan of Sunny D then you know that coupons for their products are few and far in between.

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