Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Walgreens Show & Tell 03-09 & 03-11

Listed below are my (3) Walgreen's transactions (so far) for the week, each pic reads from left to right & back to front.

(20) ~ Garnier Fructis Products @ $2.99 each = $59.80
(06) ~ Glade Sense and Spray Starter Kit @ $7.99 each = $47.94
(02) ~ Coffe-mate Creamer BOGO @ $2.49
(04) ~ Glade Lasting Impressions Holder @ $7.99 each = $31.96
(01) ~ Sambucol Cold & Flu Relief, 30 ct tablets @ $12.00
(02) ~ Huggies Diapers @ $10.00 each = $20.00
(01) ~ Huggies Wipes @ $6.00

Sub-Total: $180.19
WAGS ESR Coupons: <$90.00>
WAGS In-ad Coupons: <$0.00>
MFGC: <$79.50>
Total: $10.69 ($10.00 paid with RR, OOP = $0.69)
RR Earned: <$10.00> Huggies
Cost: $0.69!!

(2) ~ Huggies Diapers @ $10.00 each = $20.00
(8) ~ Garnier Fructis Products @ $2.99 each = $23.92
(1) ~ Huggies Wipes @ $6.00
(2) ~ Coffe-mate Creamer BOGO @ $2.49

Sub-Total: $52.41
WAGS ESR Coupons: <$16.00>
WAGS In-ad Coupons: <$0.00>
MFGC: <$26.00>
Total: $10.41 ($10.00 paid with RR, OOP = $0.41)
RR Earned: <$10.00> Huggies
Cost: $0.41!!

(4) ~ Perfect 10 Hair Color @ $3.59 each = $14.36
(1) ~ Excedrin Menstrual @ $5.00
(2) ~ Huggies Diapers @ $10.00 each = $20.00
(3) ~ Sambucol Cold & Flu Relief, 30 ct tablets @ $12.00 each = $36.00
(1) ~ Huggies Wipes @ $6.00

Sub-Total: $81.36
WAGS ESR Coupons: <$34.00>
WAGS In-ad Coupons: <$0.00>
MFGC: <$44.00>
Total: $3.36 ($2.00 paid with RR, OOP = $1.36)
RR Earned: <$10.00> Huggies
Cost: +$6.64!!

GRAND Sub-Totals: $313.96
WAGS ESR Coupons: <$140.00>
WAGS In-ad Coupons: <$0.00>
MFGC: <$149.50>
GRAND Total: $24.46 ($22.00 paid in RR, OOP = $2.46)
RR Earned: <$30.00> Huggies
GRAND Cost: +$5.54

For these coupon match-ups and more click here.

Happy Couponing!


  1. Hi - I'm pretty new to couponing - how do you get all of the Instant Value Coupons? You need one for each item, correct? Thanks! Heather

  2. Hi, Heather! Welcome to couponing, it's fabulous! The IVC are in the Walgreen's Easy Saver book at the front of the store right below where the weekly ads are. A new book comes out each month so there is no need to get more than 3. You only need 1 IVC, it will multiply for each item that you have. Let's say you have 3 Excedrin's and you hand over 1 $4 IVC, it will take $12 off. Also most stores don't make you tear/cut the coupons out, just turn to the page where the coupon is and hand it over to the cashier and then they will give your book back. The reason that I get 3 books? 1 for my desk at home where I work up the deals, 1 in my WAGS shopping folder that I take to WAGS each time I go and 1 extra just in case a new cashier has me tear out a coupon that way I will still have a complete book. Let me know if you still have questions.

  3. Hollie! I had a question, I shop the crowley and burleson wal greens. I was informed over the last few days, that they do not take printed coupons anymore. Have you ran into this problem? Thanks Kristi

  4. Hi, Kristi! As far as I know they do accept IP's and my stores in SW FW took them today. I will call WAGS tomorrow and verify for you but if it wouldn't be too much of a drive, I would just find another store that was more coupon-friendly.

  5. you're awesome! i'm very thankful to have found your blog! i'm new to couponing and look forward to learning from you. thanks!

  6. Hi, Shirl! I am glad that you found me as well and welcome to couponing. Let me know if I can help you with anything. BTW-cute kids!

  7. Kristi,
    I wanted to get back with you about use of IP's at WAGS, I called corporate and they were appalled that you were told that. It is NOT true. They are sending an email to the district manager of the Burleson & Crowley stores so that they can address this issue with their managers and staff at those stores. That should solve your problem but if not feel free to contact me or call WAGS at 1(800) WALGREENS or here is the number they referred me to (847) 914-2500, consumer relations dept. Hope this helps.

  8. Pretty sweet deals! :)

    My Walgreens wouldn't let me apply my $10RR towards the tax portion... so my non-tax amount had to be increased to $10. Weird, I thought, but it was my 1st time using the RR.

    Also, I thought you can't earn RR for a purchase if you used RR to pay for the purchase? I hope mine will, cuz that makes it so much of a better deal! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. OOoo, I just typed a long comment & it got deleted...

    LOVE the deals & the blog!

    My Walgreens wouldn't let me use my RR towards the tax portion... so my non-tax purchase price had to be at least $10 to use the RR from the Huggies deal. :( It was my 1st time using RR, so I was slightly embarrassed & grabbed a couple of lipglosses... 1 too many. Gotta return it! LOL

    Also, I thought you couldn't earn RR on a purchase when you used RR to pay for part/all of the purchase? Am I wrong? I hope so! That would be great! :)

    Thanks for sharing the goodies!

  10. Thanks Hollie. I had already called corp and this morning the Burleson mngr called me. SUPPOSEDLY things are cleared up now but all it takes is another cashier not wanting to take them, and a manager not being aggervating!!
    Thanks for your help!

  11. Hi, Johnny Baby Momma! Thanks for your nice comments. No RR can't be applied to the tax portion, at the top of my WAGS post I listed some cheap filler items that would have solved your Sub-Total situation. No you can't roll a RR into the same RR promo, for example, you can't use a $10 Huggies RR to pay for another Huggies deal this week and get another $10 RR, get it? It would be great if you could though. You can do it at CVS as long as the limit is more than 1, they are much more flexible than WAGS.

    Kristi ~ Glad it is somewhat worked out for you, using IP's is hairy at lots of stores these days but I get it, so many computer savvy people are making fake coupons then the store get's stiffed. It stinks for us honest couponers but it is what it is!

  12. Hi Hollie,

    Where did you get all the Garnier coupons? I found one in last Sunday's paper and had gotten two papers so had two coupons. Where did you get 20+?

    I just started couponing and made my second trip to Walgreens last night to buy $76 worth of items and only spent $14 plus have $21 in Rebates coming back!!! Woohoo!!

  13. Hi, Holly! To answer your question about my Garnier coupons - I get several sets of inserts, they vary each week since I only "buy" 1 double Sunday Paper with my ECB and the rest are given to me. My family, friends and neighbor give me inserts and I also donate most of my freebies to the Ronald McDonald House so they give me whatever left over inserts they have from the 10 papers they get. To be more specific, I had (2) from 01/04 RP, (22) from 02/08 RP & (6) from 03/08 RP.
    Welcome to couponing! It's fabulous, isn't it?

  14. Hollie,

    Wow, wow, wow!! You did awesome!

  15. Hi Hollie,

    I just started reading your blog a couple weeks ago and I seriously check it everyday now. You are awesome at couponing! I have a question that I am wondering if you can answer about Walgreens. The Walgreens by me had Clairol Perfect 10 hair color on clearance for $3.49 a box. I had (2) $5 off coupons and (1) $2 off coupon, so I bought 3 boxes. I also bought a bunch of other stuff and I had other coupons. When the cashier scanned my coupons she said the register would only accept (1) $5 coupon and (1) $2 coupon because they items were on clearance. I saw in an above post that you also bought some clearance Perfect 10 hair color and I was wondering if you had the same problem? Or were you using different coupons? Any insight would be super helpful. Thanks!

  16. Hi, Taran! Glad you like my blog, I am having a lot of fun with it. I love that you check it each day but you did know that you can subscribe and get an email of the new content when there is new content? I have found that most of the cashiers at WAGS don't know anything about coupons. Always give the RR first even thought it is such a pain to calculate your total before you check out. They don't have to accept the coupon at face value when the product is lower but it is in the best interest of the store to do so. I had no problems using the $5 coupons and I always get overage at WAGS but I do have issues with using a coupon on the free item in a BOGO sale, most of the time they have to push it through or get a manager. Did she scan the coupons and they wouldn't accept them or did she refuse to scan them?

  17. I live in Texas and I have been told by managers here that they will not accept any coupons that will make an overage on an item. If it costs .01 cents after problem...but -.01...a BIG problem. For example I could use the BOGO IP coupon on Glad Sense and Spray combined with the $4.00 ESR coupon, so long as I had something else with the order, but could not also combine that with the MQ of $4.00. Another example would be the Aquafresh for .99 and I couldn't use the $1.00 coupon that I had. If I had had a .75 problem. Is that now corporate policy? or just at my WAGs?

  18. Hi, MJ! According to WAGS corporate if they don't want to let the overage apply to other items you are purchasing then they can adjust the coupon down to match the value of the item. I have argued my case at several neighborhood WAGS and even made them call corporate with me there so that they can tell the manager that I am right and to adjust it down but that was when I was buying anything else and my overage was a penny. If you are expecting cash back then no they don't do that, I have only had that happen 2 times since 2004 and it was pennies. Most of the times when I check out they don't argue about coupons with me unless it beeps but maybe that's because I have pulled my "Call corporate" card on them so many times and have never once been wrong. I don't know why us couponers know more about a stores policy than the managers that are getting paid to know the policies but that is what I have experienced. I hope this helps and if not here is an email from WAGS corporate regarding coupon policy
    Print this email and take it with you next time you shop and let me know what happens.

  19. Hi Hollie,

    Yes, she scanned all the coupons and one of the $5 Clairol coupons was very last and when she scanned it the register beeped and she said it didn't accept it. When I asked why she was very flippant and just said "You have too many coupons for these clearance items." I didn't really push because it was Saturday and there was a long line but once I got home I regretted not being more aggressive to get the coupon accepted. I definitely agree that the cashiers do not know their coupon policies very well. I will definitely be more assertive next time. After all, they get the money for MFC back so why should they care about accepting them. Thanks for your insight.

  20. Hollie, seriously, you rock!

    Thanks for answering my question... I think I understand it now. I can use RR from another promotion to earn RR for a new/different promotion. Right?! That's awesome, then! I had no idea!

    I really don't care to head to Walgreens due to couponing issues listed above (only been twice & the 2nd time was so frustrating, but I'm still learning...), but if the deals good enough I will still go.

    I went to one of our local ones this weekend hoping for the Glucerna cereal deals AND the CoffeeMate for my mom, but there was no Glucerna or Sugar Free CoffeeMate. Oh, well! :) Wish they were all stocked well!

    Thanks, again!

  21. Johnny Baby Momma,
    You got it!! Yes WAGS is a pain but once you learn the system and then take your time before you check out and add up your cart, take out your coupons and RR so that you know how much your pre-tax total should be before you get to the register it will make things easier. Also don't back down to a cashier, ask for a manager. Of course be polite but if they are wrong explain it to them and tell them that you would be happy to wait while they called corporate to learn the policies. I have just got back into WAGS b/c they made me so mad a few months ago and I raised some serious trouble with corporate and then didn't go back to the store, now that I have they don't mess with me & they learned their own policies! Ha Ha! I am so bad! Hope you have a better shopping trip next time and don't forget when they are sold out of something ask for a rain check! If it's a group promo like the Huggies deal they can't write a RCk for that but if it's an item that you get for FREE after RR they can write that.