Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tom Thumb 02/11 - 02/17/09

* Tom Thumb is a division of Safeway therefore these deals are the same or almost the same at their partner stores, Carrs, Dominick’s, Genuardi’s, Pavilions, Randalls or Vons. The printable coupons at Safeway’s website are also accepted at the above listed stores and the coupons that say “Safeway Coupon” can be stacked with Manufacturer’s coupons as can Super Coupons. To find out more about “stacking” coupons, click here. Don’t forget to load P&G e-saver coupons to your loyalty card, you can do that and print your Safeway Coupons here. To find out more about e-coupons click here.

My Tom Thumb (Fort Worth, Texas on Hulen & Belaire) has a very, VERY strict coupon policy so make sure and check your stores policy (with a manager & get their name) before you shop. Below are the policies that I got from Safeway Corporate.

They will only double/triple ONE of like coupon per transaction

They will not take expired coupons, even by a day

They will only accept ONE of like coupon per transaction
(I have had them accept more than one of the same coupon while only doubling/tripling one of the same so look for a friendly cashier if you want to use more than one of the same)

They will not accept coupons for the Free item(s) on Buy “X” Get “X” Free
(I have gotten my store to accept coupons on the Free item(s) when certain managers are there but it is the Tom Thumb policy to not accept them, which I think is ridiculous since they get reimbursed by the manufacturer for an item that they are losing money on by selling for free)

They will not accept Printable Internet Coupons (IP), excluding the ones at
(Again this is a hit or miss policy)

They will only allow 1 transaction of same items, per customer, per day
(Another hit or miss policy)

Here are the best deals that I see going on at Tom Thumb this week:

Ad running from 02/08 – 02/15

* Super Coupons *
(In order to use you must make a minimum $10 purchase, they can be found in the ads)

~ Ocean Spray Original Craisins, 6 oz. - $0.99 (limit 1)
<$0.55> 12/07 RP

~ Signature Café Sandwich, regular size - $3.99 (limit 1)
<$1.00> Safeway Printable

Ad running from 02/11 – 02/17/09

* Okay Deals *

~ Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, 2.5 lb bag, frozen - BOGO FREE
(At my store they are $11.99 each, so buy 2 use 2 coupons and get each bag for $4.99)
<$1.00> 01/04 SS (use 2 if your store will allow for more savings)

~ Hunt’s Canned Tomatoes, 14.5 oz. - $1.00
<$.40>/2 01/18 SS or <$1.00>/3
$0.60 each or $0.67 each

~ Pepsi Brand, 2 ltrs - $0.99 each wyb 4 or more

~ Pillsbury Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls - $2.00 each
There are several crescent & cinnamon rolls q’s but the best deal is
<$0.35> 12/07 SS = $0.95 each crescent rolls
<$0.30> 01/04 & 02/08 GM = $1.10 each cinnamon rolls

~ Red Baron Single Serve Pizza – 2/$4.00 (with Super Coupon, limit 2)
<$1.00>/2 01/11 SS
$3.00 or $1.50 each

* Great Deals *

~ Rancher’s Reserve Ribeye Steak, bone-in - $4.77/lb
<$2.00>/$20 purchase Safeway Printable

~ Hormel Marinated Pork Tenderloins - $4.99 (with Super Coupon, limit 1)

<$1.00> 02/08 SS

~ Lipton Tea Bags, 72 – 100 ct. – BOGO FREE
<$0.50> & <$0.60> 01/18 RP
- My scenario:
2 @ $4.55 each
<$0.50> Q
<$0.50> Tom Thumb Double
<$0.60> Q
<$4.55> BOGO Sale
Total $2.95 or $1.48 each!

~ StarKist Tuna Pouches, 2.6 oz. - $1.25
01/04 RP &
All You, February 2009
<$1.00>/2 Safeway Printable
$1.50 or $0.50 each

~ Powerade, 32 oz. - $0.88
<$0.40> 01/04 SS (expires 02/15/09)
(most of the time this is on sale for $0.80 or less and you get it for FREE but if you still have the coupon $0.08 is a great price)

~ Coca-Cola, 12-Pack, 12 oz. cans - $2.49 each when you buy (wyb) 5 or more
<$1.00>/3 Safeway Printable
here for Diet Coke
$2.29 each wyb 5 with 1 coupon, $2.16 each wyb 6 with 2 coupons

~ O Organics Milk, 64 oz. - $2.50 each

~ Listerine Mouthwash, 500 ml - $1.99 (with Super Coupon, limit 1)
<$0.50> 02/08 RP or <$1.00> Blinkie

* Total Steals *

~ Gala Apples - $0.77/lb. (4 day sale, 02/14 – 02/17)

~ Fresh Green Asparagus - $1.28/lb

~ Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats, 16 – 18 oz. – 4 for $6.00 (with Super Coupon, limit 4)
<$1.50>/2 01/18 RP
$3.00/4 or $0.75 each with 2 coupons

~ Betty Crocker Cake Mix – B2G3 FREE
~ Betty Crocker Cookie Pouches – B2G3 FREE
.<$0.40> 02/08 GM or <$0.50>
here or here
~ Betty Crocker Frosting – B2G3 FREE
<$0.50> 02/08 GM or <$0.55>
here or here (If you have multiple coupons try giving the cashier your coupons before you let them scan your Reward/loyalty card, it’s worth a shot!)
(At my store they were all $1.79 each)
- My scenario:
Buy (2) Cookie Pouches & (3) Frostings for $8.95
Use (1) <$0.40> & (1) <$0.50> Cookie Coupons, which will both double
Use (1) <$0.50> & (2) <$0.55> Frosting Coupons, which the <$0.50> will double
3 Free Sale <$5.37>
+$0.32 Money Maker, if you store will let you do this

~ Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, 4.5 – 9 oz. – 4/$6.00 (with Super Coupon, limit 4)
<$0.50>/2 01/04 & 02/08 GM & <$0.50> 02/01 SS or <$0.75>/2
here or here
$3.50/4 or $0.88 each with (4) of the above 02/01 SS coupons
PLUS there’s a
Catalina promotion running right now that gives you $2.50 off your next shopping trip, so after that it makes them $0.25 each!

~ Mission Tortilla Chips, 16 oz. - $0.99 (with Super Coupon)

~ Trident Gum, 18 ct – BOGO

<$0.75> 01/18 SS

- My scenario:

2 @ 1.49


<$0.75> Q x 2

<$1.49> BOGO Sale

Total FREE or $0.01 Money-maker

~ Hershey’s Single Candy Bar, 1.4 – 2.5 oz – B2G2
11/09 & 01/25 SS
Use 2 coupons and get all 4 Bars FREE

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Happy Couponing!


  1. Hellow fellow couponer!! :) I hardly every shop at Tom Thumb b/c they are just too pricy but once in a while they will have a deal I can not resist and now is just one of that time. I have had problems with cashiers there not knowing the difference between "one per purchase" and "one per transaction"-the wording on the coupon. I and everyone out there who uses coupons know that we can use as many coupon as we have item to go with it; again hence "one per purchase"-- anyhow I was in my Irivng Tom Thumb about 3 weeks ago. got their progresso soups for 1.00 each, had two coupons for $0.50 off 2, gave the cashier my coupon and she told me she could only take one b/c her manager said so... she read it aloud to me "ONE PER PURCHASE" - yes I know and I am not stupid.. I am purchasing 4 have 2 coupons for $0.50 off 2 - make sense? she argued and I finally just ask her to scan it and see if the system will take it,, and yah know what it DID! I was so angry at the fact the the manager would not come up to talk to me, overall it was rediculous! so I called about 3 days later, ask for the manager, spoke with Rock who is also the director,, HE SAID that I can use as many coupons I want, I can use 10-20 you know as long as I have the product to go with them - but only one of its kind will double /triple.- which I already knew... and that alone, the little sign that reads something like "we will gladly double/triple the first coupon, any identical coupon after that will be at face value" --- this here,, just goes to show that YOU CAN USE MORE THAN 1 coupon, only that it will not be double or triple.

    Anyhow I noticed that they have the quakers rice snack on sale, I called wednesday to confirm this whole coupon policy, spoke with Diane, and she said yup... I can use as many as I want.. so I went in and got 16 bags of quakers rice for $1.00 had 16 coupons for 1.00 off, got one dial soap for 1.00 had coupon for .35x3=== all of this was free,, the only thing i paid for was my grapes. '

    anyhow happy couponing!

  2. You know what? I can right now seriously say.. TOM THUMB CAN KISS MY ASS! I hate them,,hate them with a passion. I like many others have had problem with their wishywashy coupon acceptance policy. I hate them. Okay like I mention before in my previous comment I was there a while back with the whole progresso soup thang,, and after talking to Rock (the store manager) and Diane the front end manager I thought everything was cleared up. I mean I was just in there the other day when I went in to get the Quakers Rice Cakes.

    I went in about 2 hours ago.. got 13 capri sun sunrise, 1 California Pizza

    Guess who was my cashier? the same girl that had a problem with me using 2 coupons for the progresso-- YUP.. just my luck. Anyhow I though by now since supposedly Rock and Diane talked to her she will understand. I wasn't trying to start up anything but the minute I handed her my coupons 13 capri sun and 1 California Pizza coupon she looked at me and told me she couldn't take them.. and that they don't take internet coupons! WHAT ??? How can they not take a coupon that was provided thru Tom Thumb? I mean if you go to click on my store, on the bottom right you will see print coupons!!! she told me that they DO NOT TAKE INTERNET COUPONS. and that she will only be able to take one capri sun here I go again, arguing, she got the night manager, Brandon, who was nice enough to call Rock on the phone,, all I heard was uh huh, uh,huh.. and he told me too that Rock said NO, that I can only use ONE coupon, I may have misunderstood him. I pointed out the ad.. on the bottom clearly where it say that it will double/triple the first ONE and the rest will be at face value..doesn't this in itself tells you that you CAN USE MORE THAN ONE? just that the rest 2nd,3rd 4th, etc will be at face value? I honestly don't know what happened there, but when I spoke to Rock he clearly told me that I can use as many as I want, the only thing is that ONE will doulbe/triple..which we all know. UGH.. I am so angry. and when I called Diane the other day before going to get my Rice Cake she too told me that we could use as many and that the cashier probably doesn't understand the policy,, that maybe the cashier thought, ONE will d/triple apply to ONE per whole transaction.. Who knows? I was just extremely dissappointed that I had to go thru this all over again. There is really no use in writing them b/c they don't care about little people like us... seriously most of their customers don't even use coupons..
    Anyhow Brandon told me that he would be "able to do it this one time" (I hate that) He told me that I can call tomorrow or come in tomorrow both Diane and Rock will be there, But I am burnt out , I am soo sick and tired of Tom Thumb. I had mention to Brandon how I go across the street to Kroger and I have NEVER EVER have this problem,, he told me that he use to work at Kroger and they just don't care, that they take 50 so coupons, whatever, but here at Tom Thumb they want to avoid peep resaling their products therefore the coupon restriction. I told him I don't understand why they have such a big problem accepting coupons when they get reimburse plus 8cent ,, I mean when something is onsale for $2.00, regardless if the $2.00 is out of my pocket or from a coupon TOM THUMB is still getting paid their freakin; $2.00 ,,, which he told me NO, that they don't get reimburse.. BS! seriously.. I'm not in for this. I hardly shop at Tom Thumb and now I see why.

    So overall wasted one hour arguing, he did my transaction and I got my $10 for buying $30.. but seriously its not worth it.. I WILL NOT EVER EVER GO BACK UNTIL THEY RESOLVE THIS,, because there is no reason for me to have to fight each and everytime I go in.. there is no need, what they need to do is educate their employees and if the cashier are being told by management than management needs some training.

    ?? I am still heated,,to WHY they told me that they cannot accept internet coupon when offers them..

    help me.. I am so mad.

  3. Hi, Pumpkinberries! Wow you are hopping mad! Shopping there is very frustrating at times. Through trail and error I have found what times of day and at which stores I need to shop in order for things to go smoothly. According to Safeway corporate they are right about only accepting one like coupon regardless of double/triple offers. I think that it is so stupid and just doesn't make since to not accept more when in their store they carry the double Sunday paper in order for people to get multiple coupons! You are right they don't really care but in this economy they should care because lots of people are looking for ways to cut back. The only thing that I can suggest is to write a letter and plead your (our) case. Tell them how you can print coupons from their site but can't get them to accept them in the store. Tell them how stupid it is to only accept 1 like coupon regardless of multiplying the value when they sell the double paper. I had a heck of a time today at TT as well but I got such a smoking deal they can get over themselves. I also crack up when they tell me that they will follow their policy this one time for me as a courtesy! I get a kick out of that. I know that they think that I am a crazy coupon lady and that's fine - how much do they pay for groceries?? I'll bet I have more $$ in my bank after shopping than they do and I have more stuff! HA! I hope that you do go back to TT to spend your $10 so that it wasn't a completely wasted trip and I would also see about shopping at another store if there is one close to you or shopping a different time of day to get different staff. I really hop that this works out for you. Let me know if I can help and BTW, which store are you shopping??

  4. Hi Hollie,
    The shop at the one here in Irving, off of Beltline and North Gate.. Ugh I am still fustrated.. its 1:17 in the morning and I am still thinking about this.. I am too "the crazy coupon lady" I do most of my shopping at Kroger and CVS,, hardly hardly do I ever go into a Tom Thumb,,-- you want to know what doesnt make sense, I remember writing them along time ago requesting for their coupon policy and they sent me back some shanagan like -- we only double /triple the first one of its kind.. (hell duh we ALREADY know that) they never went into details on my other questions; but here is the thing they sent me the policy regarding internet coupon and it went something like this:

    Thank you for your correspondence regarding the Internet Coupon Policy at your local Tom Thumb store.

    Printable Internet Coupons are defined as on-line print at home coupons that consumers receive from either a retailer website (for example:, a manufacturer website (for example: Kraft or from a legitimate coupon website, (for example: These websites typically require shoppers to register on-line before granting access to print the coupon, and generally limit the customer to print only one type of coupon from their website to discourage duplicates coming from a single computer.

    In order to insure that we accept only legitimate printable Internet coupons, Tom Thumb has adopted the following store policies and guidelines. These policies and guidelines are company wide.

    1. We will not accept any printable Internet coupons that do not have a manufacturer's bar code or manufacturer's redemption instructions.

    2. We will accept any printable Internet coupons only if they scan properly at checkout.

    3. We will not accept more than one "copy" of the same printable Internet coupon per customer.

    4. We will not accept any printable Internet coupons for a Free Product (other than a "Buy One Get One Free Offer" that requires a purchase of the like item)

    5. We will not accept any printable Internet coupons for more than a $5.00 value or for more than 50% of a product's retail price, whichever of the two is lower.

    6. We will not accept any printable Internet coupons that do not have an easy to read expiration date or that extend more than 12 weeks. (Most printable Internet coupons may expire 30-45 days after you print them)

    7. We will not accept any printable Internet coupons that appear out of proportion, appear blurry, or are obvious duplicates.

    8. Any printable Internet coupons that appear to have been altered in any way may be rejected. (Printable Internet coupons are nearly always printed using the same technology and therefore have a standard format, with very specific security features, including a unique serial code.

    If you would like to discuss this further, please reply to this email or call our toll free number at 1-877-723-3929. One of our associates will be happy to assist you.

    We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for shopping at Tom Thumb.
    so doesn't this prove my point that they just can't get it right?? My pizza coupon was from linked by

    do you have their coupon policy? because common sense when they say that they will double triple the first...and the rest will be at face value. "the first" this means that you can obviously use more than one.. You're right I am mad,, and I am not the type to make a scene I am always polite to my cashiers,, I greet them by their name, alway always say my please and thank yous.. but there is no reason,, shouldn't be a reason for us to dodge these type of cashier, or management... --but what gets me is how can Brandon say that they don't get reimburse? thats Nuts!
    and I am pretty sure, if you are a couponatic like me try to know just about all the store policies,, I mean I wrote Kroger, Target, CVS, Walgreens.. here was what I got back:

    from target:
    Dear XXX,

    Coupons are a great way to save even more when shopping at Target, and we make it easy to use them at our stores. But because of the variety of coupons available to our guests, we do have some guidelines for how coupons can be redeemed at Target:

    -We accept two kinds of coupons: Target-issued coupons and manufacturer-issued coupons.
    -We'll accept one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon for the same item, unless either coupon prohibits it.
    -We can't give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase value of the item; in that case, we'll adjust the value of the coupon to equal the price of the item.
    -We can't accept coupons from other retailers, or coupons for products not carried in our stores.
    -All valid coupons should be presented to the cashier at the time of sale.

    Have questions or want more information about using coupons at Target? Check with a Guest Services Team Leader at your Target store. You can also give us a call at (800) 440-0680, or visit us on Either way, we're here to help!

    Thanks for shopping with us. We'll see you again soon at Target.


    Target Guest Relations
    [THREAD ID:1-547Y50]

    from CVS:
    Dear XXX:

    Thank you for contacting CVS/pharmacy regarding the use of coupons. I am able to help you with this.

    I will answer your questions one by one.

    1. The coupon expiration date must be valid.

    2. You can combine one manufacturer and one CVS coupon per one item.

    3. If you have a coupon that says one per transaction and you have four coupons then you must conduct that transaction four times.

    4. A limit of one per transaction means you can only use that coupon for one purchase.

    5. If you make a purchase that has a buy one get one free item and you have two coupons then all coupons may be redeemed as long as the total value of the coupons does not exceed the pre-tax total of the purchase. If the store is offering a buy one get one free sale and you have a buy one get one free coupon then the manager will have to handle the transaction.

    6. CVS policy allows for the acceptance of all Internet/Email coupons, provided that the coupon features either a valid, scannable barcode, or a valid 5-digit coupon code that can be manually keyed at the register.

    7. If you have a coupon that has a value greater then the value of the product the coupon will be accepted and adjusted for the purchase price.

    If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and thank you for your patronage.


    Kathy Tobin


    Customer Relations

    she wasn't too clear on #4 so I wrote her back asking about you know the one per purchase/one per transaction

    she wrote back:
    Dear XXX:

    I am in receipt of your e-mail dated July 10, 2008 concerning our coupon policy.

    Your interpretation of the policy for coupons that state “one per transaction” and “one per purchase” is correct.

    If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.


    Kathy Tobin


    Customer Relations


    from kroger:
    Dear XXX:

    Thank you for contacting The Kroger Co. We do not take expired coupons and only take one coupon per item. If
    there is a sale that offers a free product, a coupon cannot be used for that product. If you have any other questions,
    please speak with a customer service employee at your local store.


    Erick Leigh
    Consumer Affairs

    Reference: 5469601

    here is from WAGS
    July 11, 2008

    Dear Mrs. Aguinaga,

    Thank you for taking your time to contact our Corporate Offices. We
    appreciate hearing from our customers and value all comments received.

    Walgreens does not have an official coupon policy, rather guidelines our
    stores follow. I will answer the provided questions to the best of my
    1. We do not accept expired coupons
    2. A Walgreens and Manufacturer coupon may be accepted together as long as
    one of the coupons does not state "not valid with any other offer". Our
    EasySaver coupons can not be accepted in combination with other offers.
    3. You can use as many coupons as you have items in a transaction
    4. Limit one per transaction means per purchase.
    5. You can only use 1 BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale item because of the same
    reason as #3
    6. Due to recent fraudulent activity with internet coupons, they may not be
    accepted but this is not policy. This will be up to the manager's
    discretion. We do accept internet coupons from and
    7. The cashier should manually enter a coupon that is worth more than the
    value of the item. Cash can not be given back.

    I hope this helps. Again, thank you for contacting our corporate office.
    We truly appreciate you taking the time to share your comments. If you have
    concerns with these guidelines not being followed you may want to contact
    senior management above the store at 800-925-4733.


    April S.
    Consumer Response Representative

    Ref # 1596864

    anyhow thank you Hollie for writing back,, it helps that us couponers stick by each other :)

  5. Good news, I am happy to say that I am happy with Tom Thumb.

    My cousin called me today letting me in on the Capri Sun deal - buy 5 at $2.49, get $5 off at the register.. I wasn't at all excited,, I mean I was pretty done with Tom Thumb, but seriously,, with coupon each case would only come out to .49,, so I decided to call the 1877 number that Tom Thumb has listed on their website. I first spoke to a girl name Hollie,, and she told me that I can only use ONE coupon, per transaction,, and there I went on again,, explaining the whole thang all over again, she just didn't get me so I asked for someone else. Michael, the supervisor picked up my called and I told him everything,,everything.. so he looked at the store ad and it does say one coupon per item purchase. --first will d/t others will be at face value.. so on so forth,, so he said that YES I can too use more than one coupon per transaction,, I can use as many as I do have products.. he was soo nice and patient with me, told me that I shouldn't have a problem (but this would be the third time someone tells me this) so I ask that he call up the store and --please- clear this up b/c I honestly do not want to go back in there until this was all fixed... He was soo nice to have agreed--- I went in there at around 7:30pm,, got 5 capri sun and was looking for the Angel Soft toilet paper,, but there was none,, and while I was in the toilet paper isle,, I passed by Brandon (the night manager from the other night) who stopped to apologize ! ---wow.. He told me that he/and the manager above was misinformed and that now everything is straighten up, (along those line),,and that they had a meeting today with everyone and that I should not have a problem with this again, ---I was like WOW,, I was soo thankful,, he was so nice about it.. -- anyhow I went to check out and there she was,, the same cashier, the one who I wanted to avoid... I went into another girls lane but the gentlemen in front had a bunch of stuff so she ask "her" to check me out,, I was like,, ohh heck.. so she scanned my capri suns and she was friendly,, I was friendly,, but still kinda ackward yah know :) I handed her my coupons--she took them, we both thank each other and that was that...

    overall I guess it was worth it,, me calling and writing,, I mean this means alot to us couponers,, we need to be treated right, especially when we are doing the right thing... so I am overall happy with the outcome and I will continue shopping there and for those who have had problems with TT, I suggest calling them up,, don't settle for no.. ask for the supervisor if you believe what you are being told is incorrect.

    capri sun: 2.49x5=12.45-5=7.45-5 coupons = 2.45 for 5 cases!! yaa

    should have been written before the posting above

    I called up to the store SAT.. last SAT, first guy I spoke to at customer service straight out told me NO,, to internet coupon,,NO-- they will only accept ONE coupon per transaction... (reason why I called was b/c I wanted to talk to ROCK)-- I was transfer to ROCK,, I explained to him what had happened and what I believe he told me a couple of weeks ago,, and he too told me that I can use more than one,, but overall he doesn't want people clearing off his shelf,,, and resaling it or so.. he was again nice and polite,, told me that I shouldn't have a problem and that things will get straighten out.. and I ask about internet coupon,, which he replied "YES,, we do take internet coupons " as long as they are scannable,, from a valid website, no photocopied... -----------------

    sooo YES<, they take internet coupons!!

    YAYY,, (happy)

    so after I got off the phone with Rock,, I called back immediately and spoke with the guy at the service desk--- asked if Rock informed him about the internet coupon/coupon policy, ,,,which he is now informed and thanks for calling.. :)

    Thank you Hollie for listening.. and helping me.

  6. Hey, Pumpkinberries! Oh my, my, my! That was a lot of work you were forced to go through but at least you got the end result you were looking for. Did you notice the statement from TT regarding IP? If not there is a link in the current TT post. I am so printing that sucker! Great job, lady! Keep up the fight! LOL!