Thursday, February 12, 2009


E-coupons are the newest way to save, no clipping, no printing and no fuss, just savings! Also since you load the coupons right to your card you can still use "paper" coupons for even more savings! I get a lot of items for FREE or almost FREE by stacking e-coupons with "paper" coupons. It is very simple to get & use e-coupons, set up an account at each of the below sites, enter your loyalty card numbers then load the coupons that you want, buy the items that you have e-coupons for, scan your loyalty card and watch the savings add up!




UPromise is different than the above 3, instead of getting savings at the register you get money deposited into an account that can be used to pay for college for you or your children.

Tip: At Kroger when I don't have my actual loyalty card and I enter my phone number on the self-checkout touch screen, it is hit or mostly miss on getting the e-coupons to work. I have found that if I enter my phone number on the credit/debit card machine I can get the e-coupons to work a little better for me.

Happy Couponing!

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