Thursday, October 15, 2009

Great Deal for the Pony Lover in your life

If you have a special little girl in your life that LOVES horses & ponies, then you can check her gift off your list! (Reminder - Christmas is in JUST 70 days!)

Sign up here and receive The Pony Welcome Adventure Package that includes:
  • American Dream Horses (80 pages filled with beautiful color photographs and facts about horses)
  • Vacation at Sunshine Farm (A Bumpy Ride - a fun story about adventures at a summer horse camp)
  • PONY Magazine (Monthly magazine written by members for members, with articles, stories, member art, photos, jokes, letters and so much more)
  • Collectible Horse Figurine
  • Horse Breed Poster (Fantastic full-color poster of different breeds of horses)
  • Gym/Grooming Bag
  • Horse Notebook
  • Neighing Alarm Clock

Ready for the fine print?

You have 10 days to enjoy the Adventure Package. If you decide to keep it, pay $1 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. You will then be enrolled in the Pony Club and receive a new club package each month on the same 10 day free trial basis. There is no minimum to buy and you can cancel at any time. Of course they want you to join the club and receive more shipments but if you just want the items mentioned above you can do that too for $5.95!! No matter what the Neighing Alarm Clock is yours to keep for FREE!

I only have little boys in my life, 2 sons & 3 nephews, but I think that this would truly be an awesome gift for a sweet little horse-lovin' girl. Now why can't this smokin' offer be for Transformers?

Depending on the quality of the Welcome Package, the additional shipments could be really pricey. Make sure and REALLY inspect and review your welcome package. You package should include a letter stating what the price will be for the next shipment. If you think it's worth it then SWEET, if not then you need to decide if you want to cancel now and only keep the alarm clock or enroll for another shipment. If after the 2nd shipment you decide that the materials are not what you hoped then you will have to return the shipment and cancel your membership.

Find more details here.

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