Monday, July 27, 2009

FREE Crest Advanced Whitestrips at Target

Thanks to my wonderful reader, Crystal, who let me in on a sweet deal at Target. She found trial size (2-ct) Crest Advanced Seal Whitestrips on an end cap for $4.99 and when paired with the $5 coupon in 06/07 PG (exp. 07/31) you get FREE Whitestrips!! Of course this is Target we are talking about so the coupon will beep because of the penny overage so make sure and look for those friendly cashiers, ask for the coupon to be adjusted to $4.99, ask for a manager or call customer service while you wait in line. They CAN ADJUST IT DOWN, sometimes they just don't know they can.

So FREE Whitestrips, what could be better?? Thanks to my nicest neighbor, Stephanie, she went this morning to Target on a hunt for the strips and just as Crystal said they were on an end cap in the tooth care area but here is the best part......wait for it......ready???? There are $7 coupons in the trial size box with no size limit!!!! If you get a nice cashier that is $2 overage, baby!! You can sign up for a coupon to be (gasp!) snail mailed to you here and also check your stash of home mailer coupons, I got one for $10 off any size!!

Next time you see me, you will be looking at whiter teeth for FREE!


  1. Well, we should all be smilin' pretty now. Thanks, Hollie!

  2. I posted about this on my site and linked to you! Actually, I didn't really post about it, I just mentioned it and sent my readers directly to you for the information, lol. :)