Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pharmacy Coupons

Several times a year CVS, Walgreen's, Target and Tom Thumb put out coupons in their ads for a FREE gift card when you transfer your prescription, read on to find out how these can be a huge money-maker.

When I first started couponing my Rx's were at Walgreen's but when CVS put out a coupon for a $30 GC when you transfer your Rx or with a new Rx, I was a willing participant. I transferred my Rx's one at a time to CVS so that I could get multiple GC since you can only get one per day. So now they were all at CVS, a month passed and it was time to start refilling them, what to do, what to do? Is it really "honest" to transfer them again to another pharmacy that is offering a GC? I am torn on that but then CVS swooped in and took care of that, they now accept competitors coupons on refills! Essentially you can get a GC every month at CVS as long as you hang on to these coupons! Now that can't be beat!

PS - I have Rx insurance so checking the cost of the Rx at the competing Pharmacy was never an issue for me but if it is for you make sure and do your homework before you transfer by calling the Pharmacy and getting a price check or checking online.

Happy Couponing!

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  1. I ALWAYS use rx coupons, CVS near me takes rite aid coupons, I usually snag a bunch of their fliers. Right now I have about $300 worth of cvs gift cards sitting here! You can also buy the coupons on ebay. I used 2 $30 expired rite aid coupons today, got a $60 CVS gift card.